Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Dozen More

Yes, a dozen more days until the soft launch of my new venture. The hard launch will be a bit later, but don't worry--you'll hardly notice. We've got some fun for you in the interim, especially for those of you who've bookmarked March 6 for the party. Wait'll you see (and taste!) the cake Betsy and I have dreamed up. Another part of the fun involves mitts, and the picture above is a stack of the equivalent of ten pairs of mitts out of the dozen or so I've knit and crocheted in the past year. I was quite surprised myself when I started collecting them up from around the house. Emily has one pair, and we never even got a picture of them before she took them back with her to Georgia. They were some red Grace Note Mitts.

The twelfth pair were also Grace Note Mitts but made with Pure Alpaca and for my buddy Cynthia. Here's a shot of them in progress. Pardon the bad lighting--I took these in the wee hours of one morning, afraid I'd forget entirely. I'm very often sending off FO's without remembering to photograph the evidence.

Obviously, I love making fingerless mitts and gloves and I've whipped up a pattern for some that I think you're going to love. On March 1, our new site will be complete and I'll send you there to give you the pattern in PDF to try out. For any of you that have knit up any Figheadh patterns, prepare to be surprised, because I'm going for a different format entirely.

I had a flash of synchronicity the other night. As I opened The Time Traveler's Wife to begin reading, I was greeted by a Derek Walcott poem (a very intriguing one titled "Love After Love"). I thought, "Wait a minute. Wasn't I just reading something about Derek Walcott recently?" I looked back at Lives of the Poets, and sure enough, he was one of the poets discussed in the first chapter of Michael Schmidt's book. I wish I could tell you that it meant I was supposed to read this book (the Wife one). I wish I could, but I can't. I thought the movie was better. I didn't get very far into the book before I was let down. I thought Bruce Joel Rubin did a better job writing the screenplay than the author did writing the book.

So I'm still looking for a good book to read. I started Keats by Andrew Motion. Good so far! It's a very long book, especially for one that starts by stating that little is known about Keats' childhood. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I'll show some shots from a gorgeous box of yarn that arrived today. The colors are too pretty!

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Emily said...

I Love all my fingerless mitts! I have three pair now, and wear them constantly, to much praise (from strangers even!). I still put in a bid for you to read His Dark Materials series! You won't be sorry.