Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Goodies #9

First, in answer to comments...

That book haul actually took a couple of months to amass (the lag in posting lately caused a backup!) Yes, I did actually get the needles. I have to go for more needles today, but no books...I promise!

Now, better than chocolate cake (well, that's stretching it). Links!

Here's a directory for all kinds of crafts, but of course, I directed you to the knitting pages.

Also, a great site for historic patterns.

You may have caught this little gem from one of Saturday's book links. Check out Bookfinder4U.
It gets you the best price on the Web for books.

Go see boingboing, the directory of wonderful things.
Today there's a wicker coffin. Gosh. Talk about going to hell in a handbasket!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments lately. It's good to hear from you guys! I'm gonna go read your posts and make comments back at ya!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The $80 Circular Needle

Like going to the store for "just milk and bread," and coming out with three bags full, I went to Joann for a simple 29" size 8 Clover circular needle, and came home with this.

Yup. I got way-laid into going into Borders and the books just jumped on me. I had no recourse! The Handknit Holidays is just too luscious--I had to get it just for inspiration. I don't think I have to explain the Nancy Bush book. Wonderful. The sock queen, she is. Also, her explanation of kitchener stitch in the glossary is what finally made the process click in my head--after consulting a pile of others, even Knitting Help. The Knitting Answer Book is good for anyone, no matter the skill level. Love it.

But then I went back just recently to get yet another 16" size 8 Clover circular (I am sure I already had at least one), and the book rack at Joann tackled me and wrestled me to the cash register with these.
I am designing some rugs for the site and the rug book has good ideas for backing, finishings, etc. I checked the Knitting School book out of the library not too long ago and just had to have it. I love the illustrations and the simple, straightforward instructions for everything from the most basic skills to the very advanced. I am highly visually-dependent, so a book that is almost all pictures works for me!

Just an example:
Voila! Square neck construction. The book has direction for all kinds of increases, decreases, necks, shoulders, wristbands, collars, hems, an entire Aran from the neck down (like the FLAK), socks, gloves, mittens, you name it. It would be a great gift for any knitter. Have I plugged it enough?

And then look what my oldest daughter gave me for Mother's Day!
She works at Borders (lucky duck) and got Knitting Rules for free! Then while we were visiting last weekend, she took me to the store and let me pick out anything I wanted. I was so glad they had Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook. I don't know why I didn't already own this one--a must for any serious knitter, I say!
In my house, we firmly believe you can never have too many books. Combine that with knitting, and, well, you see the result in this post.

Speaking of Emily, I have to brag a bit more. She's back in school studying Psychology/Sociology as a double major and clicking off the A's. You rock, Em! We had another marvelous time staying with Emily and Randall while in Athens. We miss you guys! Stop being so much fun or you're in danger of having us move in with ya. We're packing now--make room!

I'll sign off now. I hope you are having a good day, wherever you are, dear reader. Again, say hello (thanks Minka--my only commenter for weeks now). No pouting here; I just like to hear from ya!

Figheadh Sona Dhut
(you know, happy knitting?)

Friday, May 19, 2006


This past weekend we were in Athens, GA, to see my youngest daughter graduate cum laude with an art degree from the University of Georgia! Yea!

See her? We couldn't either. There are over 3000 grads down there sitting "between the hedges". Each school stood up and had its collective degree conferred upon it. Of course the school of Arts & Sciences was the largest and takes up more than the entire middle section.

Some of the grads decorated the tops of their mortar boards in order to be easily spotted, but whaddya think the art students did? Not much. You would think that they would have seen that hat as a canvas and had a party on it--no. Also, the cell phones weren't connecting calls, so we couldn't even talk during the almost three-hour ceremony. Lovely day, though. We're very proud!

The real party was the previous evening, when the design students presented their senior exit show. Here's Natalie's showing of the wellness center she designed. Amazing. She did the background photography and of course the round parts show the floor plans, elevations, renderings, etc. Now somebody just needs to build the thing--it would be a wonderful place to be healthy!

On Mother's Day, we made a grand tour. First, to Montgomery to see Fred's parents, then to my middle daughter's nearby to see the newest member of the family, then back to Suwanee, GA to see my mom.

I present to you...Declan! He's a champ! Look at him!

That's Fred holding him, but I got to hold him the most--like, hours. He never fussed. Just a content little guy.

I tried to get a picture of his big brother, Preston, but he was not in a photogenic mood.


He's thinking, "Leave me alone, I'm trying to watch Stuart Little, okay?"

Okay, see why I had to brag? Knitting next time.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Goodies #8

I know...I've been reprimanded. Even Blogger is mad at me--it almost didn't let me sign in this morning. Here's the deal.

1. Technology fast, of sorts.
2. Lots of knitting to do.
3. Lots of unshowable knitting to do, so I can't post pictures!

Of the things I can't show, I've knit three scarves, a pair of fingerless mitts & matching headband, one whole pair of socks (one almost totally done before deciding it wasn't working and ripping it) and three sock samples (two of which will get their mates--working on one now), and a slew* of swatches!

*Neat thing--I just found out that this word, which I've always used, is from Irish Gaelic! Also spelled slue, it is from sluag.

Anyway, I hope to have something to show soon. Until then, here are some links!

First, did you know about Bookcrossing? I haven't done it yet, but you might wish.

Do you love Kona coffee--well, here's where to get the best.

Of course, some knitting links...

Make your own sock blockers (and save $25!)

Speaking of socks (and I do a LOT, huh?), here's a whole slew (sorry--word of the day) of sock links.

Oh my goodness, look what I just found. Yarnaholics Confessions! Okay, I'm gonna go look at that one more myself!

Have a good Monday, all! And even though I don't deserve it for being so absent--how 'bout a hello from someone???? Thanks...Tapadh Leat.

See ya real soon!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Goodies #7

Please excuse my neglect of blogly duties lately, but here are some links! It's all sock stuff. I have been majorly sock-minded recently, so I thought I'd share some of the great stuff I've found.

First, if you love toe-up and haven't checked out this article in Knitty, you've got to try it. I love Judy's Magic Cast On!

Also good for toe-up, Peggy's Stretchy Bind-off for Toe-Up Socks.

Hipknitism has some good sock stuff, too!

Catherine Goodwin's Sock Size Chart is very helpful.

Also, Peggy Pignato's "You're Putting Me On Socks" with chart to plug in the numbers.

Stocainnean Sona Dhut!
Happy Socking!

and Happy Monday, Folks!