Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A couple of months ago, when I realized that work was controlling my life so much that I had lost essentially most of 2008, I made myself a new schedule. A schedule that would allow me to get my work done AND have a life. Best laid plans and all. It's a daily struggle.

Monday mornings were supposed to be spent reading blogs and posting here on el bloggo neglecto. I had the plan working pretty well until our trip to the South in April and then it all went blooey. Wish me well trying to get back to it. Since yesterday felt like Monday, then really, in feeling, I am only one day off! Yeah, that's it.

Fred and I just had the most wonderful weekend. The weather here was glorious the entire time, so we spent lots of it on the patio. I even got in a little gift knitting.

Our family has scads of birthdays in the summer, including mine and Fred's. I decided it's time for everyone to get another round of socks and/or hand ornaments (mitts, gloves, etc.). I also decided that the socks would be done plain toe-up style. I need some purely fun knitting and I have quite a few new-to-me sock yarns to try--almost all hand-dyed and hand-painted, like the lovely Pagewood Farm yarn in the picture. So pretty! This yarn is 80% Bluefaced Leicester, a fiber new to me. So soft!

Let my family wonder who's gonna get these lovelies. I'm not telling yet.

Edited to add: I gave you the wrong info on that sock project--I used size 1 Addi's. Oops!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quick Report

Here's a mish-mash of the past few weeks. Wedding, Stitches South, knitting (guh!), presents, weeding, TV, organizing, and Mexican!

[Made with Mosaic Maker.]

Happy May!!