Thursday, September 22, 2011


Lara Neel of the Math4Knitters podcast recently and sweetly interviewed me and here is the result. If anything is wrong with the link it is Show 90. Thanks for listening!

Disclaimer: Brace yourself. It is very long. I am very chatty. No, I did not hear her say there was an earthquake on the East coast while we were talking. Oh brother...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Goodbye

As a follow-up to my last post, I need to tell you that Judy Sumner passed on today at 10 A.M. Eastern time. Her daughter said she was peacefully listening to her music at the end and she was at home.

We will miss you, Judy!

Those of you who had some connection to Judy Sumner may want to donate in her memory to Friends of the Smokies in lieu of flowers. This information comes from Judy's daughter Diane on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Thinking of Judy

The fiber artist community is a pretty close one, especially considering how many of our connections are virtual. I've seen a lot of love and support among knitters and crocheters over the years. That's why I am asking you all to rally your thoughts around the family of a fellow designer, Judy Sumner, who is fighting the last fight against that monster disease Cancer that has probably touched all of us in some horrible way.

Judy is a designer whose work has mostly been sock patterns, but she has also designed other accessories, one of which, #32 Fingerless Gloves, appears in Vogue Knitting Fall 2011 (scroll to last set of accessories and see the lovely red mitts). She has also written a beautiful book that I only recently bought and am so glad I did.
Judy's book, Knitted Socks East and West is a result of her study of Japanese stitch patterns and quite an interesting read in addition to its 30 sock designs of incredible variety, gorgeously photographed by Yoko Inoue.
One of my favorites is Tsunami. Its gentle cable snuck between a subtle knit/purl pattern intrigues me. It would be a good exercise to knit these socks and be reminded that Japan has far to go to rebuild after their devastating tsunami. As we all know, needlework can be a very good way to meditate, and I believe that focused, quiet thought--whether you call it meditation, prayer, or just contemplation--can fill the world with good energy. We need so much more of that.
Another favorite of mine is Sayonara, also so appropriate. I'm going to cast these on today and think of Judy and what she has brought to our craft. I admire her work and her life story.

If you have knit any of Judy's sock patterns, or if you just want to express your thoughts to Judy and her family, you can go to her Facebook page and let them know. You can also visit her Ravelry designer page to view her 129 designs and to her site, Knoxsocks to view her individual patterns available by PDF download and free tutorials and patterns.

Let's keep Judy and her family in mind right now.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday FO #4: Cashmere

Last week I was all busy with the lace shawlette in Ravenwood Cashmere and this week I've been busy knocking out some little samples. We're getting ready for holiday shoppers!
This certainly isn't the version you want to see. Let's spread her out on a plate...
Ahhh...that's better. Now you can see this Cable & Lace Beret and all her bits.
The view from underneath. Just finished her today and just in time.
This just arrived in the mail to be made into Bavarian Mitts.
And I already had this Lace Scarf on the needles. Plenty to do!

(Yarny goodness brought to you by the friendly goats of Ravenwood farm.)

Now you know what I'll be doing for a lot of the long weekend coming up. What do you have planned?
Whatever it is, be sure to have fun!