Friday, August 25, 2017

Show Us Your Wanda Nells!

I'm so excited about this post, because I have loved seeing what knitters do with the Wanda Nell Cardigan pattern. The creativity and ingenuity of knitters never fails to fascinate me!

I have added in links to each knitter's project page for you Ravelry folks.

photo credit: cheekybeak
First up is cheekybeak on Ravelry who knit her sweet pink cardigan with two shades of pink and one of light sage green. All the yarns were from Grant Creek Yarns. I love it, Kirsty!

photo credit: fischtail
 Then we have Nathalie's Wanda Nell, which she knit with Madeline Tosh 80/10/10 fingering in the Briar colorway and she made it a cropped sweater to fit over a sweet dress. Great idea!

photo credit: moonsister
 Mara had all kinds of fun with the Wanda Nell. She made it long-sleeved and with an interesting cuff! She also made it tonal by using different yarns in each section lengthwise. She edged all the fun with a good neutral gray. Well done!

photo credit: Wildcrafty
This was Karen's second Wanda Nell. She says she loved it so much that she cast on another one! She had the same problem as I did. This one is simply knit with a lovely orange in Posh Yarn Martha Sock and another of Zauberball Crazy in the Riverbed colorway. Great yarn choices!

photo credit: RAELNE
Such a lovely blue Wanda Nell here by Raelene. She used The Wool Company's Utiku Baby 4-ply in the aqua colorway. Raelene also wants to make another! Boy, do I love to hear that.

photo credit: 3girlymom
Tabitha knit her Wanda Nell with Radiant Yarnworks' Seaweed colorway and edged it in their Oceanic. She also made some modifications because of gauge issues and it looks like it's a great fit!

photo credit: Arlene
Arlene made her WN Cardi with Alicia Goes Around Plush Lace in the intriguing Suit and Florsheims colorway and edged in Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in the Timber colorway. It looks so nice on you, Arlene! Also love the glass buttons!

photo credit: kattyradie
Kathy made this Wanda Nell for her daughter, and does she look happy with it! It was knit with Grant Creek Yarns Cushy Merino 2-ply in Deep Blue Sea--a great match for Amanda's lovely red hair! Again, those are some great buttons!

photo credit: lacymaker
Christina used Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Supersock in Dove and edged it with Zwerger Yarn Opal Uni Solid 4-ply in turquoise. So pretty! She says she would have made the body and sleeves longer but was working with limited yarn. This is the beauty of the Wanda Nell--you have those options!

photo credit: yarnosaurus
Tanya made her Wanda Nell into a cropped sweater like Nathalie, but with longer sleeves. She used Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Fingering in Brothers Grimm especially to wear with her gorgeous Anthropologie dress. 

I love all these versions of the Wanda Nell Cardigan

Don't forget that the pattern is 30% off through August 31. Try it for yourself!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Show us Your F14's (and headless guys)!

June's almost at its close, so it's time to show off your FPOM, the Fundamental Men's Top-Down Cardigan!

I see I'm not the only one with a guy who refuses to have his head photographed, even when happy with his new hand-knit sweater!

I have included links below to each knitter's Ravelry page for you to see more lovely pictures and details.

credit to catlover

First up is catlover's "Osprey Cardigan" made with Mountain Colors 4/8s wool in the Osprey colorway. I'll just bet this is a comfy, soft sweater for our first headless guy. 

credit to knitgirl389
Then there's knitgirl389's cardigan made for her husband in Knit Picks Swish DK in a beautiful garnet heather. So classic! But still headless...sigh.

credit to amberlindemann

Next is this lovely cardigan knit by amberlindemann in Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office in turkey run and edged with auburn. What great yarn choices! Wheres the head?

Hey, guys, just why? Why can't we see your smiling faces? There's no way you could look anything but handsome in these beautiful cardigans. 


credit to amberlindemann

See how handsome this guy looks in his hand-knit cardigan? Be like this guy!
His cardigan was also knit by amberlindemann, but this one was made with Mrs. Crosby's Steamer Trunk in Smoky Granite. I can attest to the wonder of this yarn because I have made a whole sweater with it myself. Gorgeous colorway here!

These were some of the very few husbands, sons, friends, uncles, cousins, or grandpas who would even consent to being photographed wearing their cardigans, and only one allowed his head!

What are we to do? I'll be on the lookout for more great FO pics of the F14--especially with heads in full view. Until then, let's applaud these knitters!

And remember, you have until midnight tomorrow night to receive 30% off this pattern. July 1 there will be a new one and I'll be back soon to crow about that. Cheers!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Show Us Your Big Easy Blanket!

Get ready to feast your eyes, because I'm about to show off some Big Easy Blanket FO's!

photo by JulieR
 This beautiful green Big Easy was knit by JulieR on Ravelry. She used Paton's Washed Haze Aran in teal, which is a discontinued yarn. Too bad, because this color has my heart! And the fabric is gorgeous! Thanks to Julie for allowing me to use her picture.

photo by nannyknitter62
 This perky purple Big Easy is from nannyknitter62, who has knit the BE twice. This one is from last year and she knit it with The Fiber Company Cumbria in the Castelrigg colorway. It looks so cozy!

photo by nannyknitter62
 And here's nanyknitter62's earlier FO of the Big Easy, which she made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Heavyweight in the Star Sapphire colorway. Such a regal fabric!

photo by silverwoman

This Big Easy Blanket knit by silverwoman on Ravelry shows off the fabric so well and was knit with Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash in the Silver colorway. I'm so glad she allowed me to use her picture! Striking!

Why am I showing off these beautiful blankets? Why, it's all part of the Figheadh Pattern of the Month! Another part of it is the 30% discount you can still receive on the pattern until May 31. Many have already taken advantage and so can you! There's no code needed--just pop the pattern in your shopping cart and the discount is automatically deducted. Nice!

Ravelry tells me there are 41 projects for this pattern and I have requested lots more photo permissions, so I'll update this post as I receive those. If you want your Big Easy FO added, let me know!

Show Us Your Velutina!

This month's Mirth Pattern of the Month (MPOM) is the Velutina Scarf, which I gave the details to here when it was first published. Since we're in the last week of May, it's time to show off some of your Velutinas!

photo by fantomina

This lovely FO is fantomina's Velutina. She was nice enough to allow me to add her photo to the pattern page on Ravelry. This Velutina was made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk Fingering in the Melusine colorway. Gorgeous!

photo by naarden

This Velutina WIP is being worked by naarden on Ravelry and uses Shibui Knits Heichi in the greenspace colorway. That yarn has been discontinued and is a heavier yarn than suggested in the pattern, but it works! Her project page says it was finished a couple of years ago, so maybe she'll upload some FO shots. I can't wait to see, because it looks yummy so far!

photo by theobroma

Here's another Velutina FO from theobroma on Ravelry and she knit it with Shalimar Yarns Breathless in the Tawny colorway. It looks luscious!

Ravelry tells me there are 14 projects for the Velutina Scarf, and I have requested a couple more photos from knitters who've knit it. I can update this post and add those as soon as I've received permission. 

If you are working on a Velutina Scarf and you'd like your added to this post, please let me know! I love to show off your work.

Only one more week to take advantage of the 30% discount on this pattern. Grab one soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

May KnitCrate!

 I only vaguely knew about KnitCrate before I was contacted by them on Ravelry about possibly including a couple of my patterns in their Main box. Since my business is knitting design, I have never had the chance to try any of the knitting subscriptions and knew not to tempt myself. I'm usually working on my own projects and haven't time for more...unfortunately. Because, what fun!

Once we got the collaboration worked out, I impatiently waited for my month to come to be a part of the fun. It was so exciting to see it finally happen! Then I wanted one for myself, so I could see just how awesome it is. Well, they sent me one! Let's have a look.

What a treat to see this little teal box waiting for me in the mailbox.

As I broke the seal and started to open the box, I saw the appropriate hashtags--always important!

Then I opened the lid and peeled back the tissue inside and feasted my eyes on all the goodies--the main card with this month's inspirational description on front and the contents list and discount codes on back, the pattern card with free download links to my Honeycomb Cap and Sawtooth Shawlette, a cute dpn holder from The Steady Hand,

two skeins of lovely Tanis Fiber Arts Purewash Worsted in Iris,

(let's look closer at that)

and this little card to help donate something to those in need. 
That's so cool!

The box even matches my current design work in progress. I love teal!

And guess what else? Right now you can get 20% off your first month if you want to try KnitCrate for yourself! Just use my code FIG20 when you get to the checkout and go here to try it!

That discount will only work for recurring monthly subscriptions, though, because the three-month prepaid and the yearly are already discounted for you. Isn't that nice?

The KnitCrate folks are just great, and they're really on the ball scouring the world for knitting and crochet treats for you.  Thanks, KnitCrate, for making yarny pursuits even more fun!