Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodbye, Summer!

We had a pretty sweet summer--a summer filled with firsts!

We grew sunflowers for the first time.

Our Better Boys (sometimes) ripened on the vine.

I learned how to make almond milk (shown here before straining) and grow sprouts and wheat grass.

We grew lavender for the first time--enough for bundles and sachets.

Not a first, but seemingly more plentiful, were foggy hikes.

Though not all foggy.

We went to Montana and it was my first time there.

Of course, we passed through Idaho to get there, which was another first for me.

And that's all that Blogger will allow me to show. I finally found out the picture limit in one blog post, although I'm sure I've exceeded this before with some of those tutorials. There will be more of those, too, because I am almost ready to release a new cardigan and I'll have lots of pictures of the steps involved.

I hope your summer was one of discovery and beauty and wonder, just as ours was.

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Sale Oopsie

Hey Friends!

If any of you tried to use the sale code for our September Sweater Pattern Sale last week and got a bunch of gobbledy-gook in your shopping cart, try again! I had it set up wrong--first time troubles.

The sale code SSS2013
works now.

So be sure to grab a couple of Figheadh sweater patterns this month while you can get one of them FREE!


Sunday, September 01, 2013

September Sweater Pattern Sale!

Figheadh wants to be part of your sweater planning this year, so we're giving you a little help with that.

All month long, we are offering a two-for-one sale on all 
sweater and vest patterns. That includes all the patterns in the main sweater category and the sweater patterns in Baby (the Ciaran, Sean, Woodsy, Lachlann, and Charlie Brown) and the Fundamental Sweaters and Vests.

Just use the code


when you check out with at least two sweater and/or vest patterns, and one of your sweater patterns will be free! Of course, you can buy any other kind of patterns you want as well, but only the above-mentioned will be discounted. Also, the free pattern will be one equal to, or of lesser value than, the other. That's the way the shopping cart is set up. 

One reminder: You can always buy more than one pattern at a time with our shopping cart, even when there is no sale.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you'll take advantage of the 
Figheadh September Sweater Sale
to stock up on sweater patterns for fall and winter!