Tuesday, February 09, 2010

20 days left

I'm here later than ever yet for my daily post in this foolhardy quest to lead you up to what's gonna happen March 1. At least I think it's gonna happen by then. Will you kill me if I push it out? Okay, never mind that right now. My brain feels like it got duct-taped to a pogo stick driven by a 6-year old high on Jolly Ranchers. Yeah. I got seven orders out today and I hope I got 'em right.
I've been meaning to show you this. Look what Natalie and I figured out when she was testing some mitts for me. I was looking around for two sets of 16" circular needles to loan her for the test and I remembered my two sets of Denise needles. I have a set of the pink and the blue cords and two sets of needle tips, so I was able to grab one 9" cord from each set and make two identical 17" circulars. Because they are different colors, Nat was able to easily keep the halves separate. Both halves of the mitt are the same, except that the first half houses the thumb hole--important detail! I'm doing them this way, too.
Later today we had a little photo shoot here at Chez Hagan. Kelli and Natalie helped me photograph some new ankle socks for the Figheadh line. Aren't we girly?
Then I coerced Natalie to model the new cable and lace shawl.
Wait'll you see the really good pictures! I'll tell you more about those new patterns next week. I'm just waiting for the final edits and for one more test to be done and they'll be ready to roll out.
I tried the sock cuff, it was whack, and so I am about to try something different. This time I took a picture of the bad one, so I'll show you what I mean tomorrow. I am also doing some swatches with a very very special yarn from Eastern Washington. I am about to burst to tell you all about that, but for now I have to keep quiet.
I hope I made sense today. I can't tell. I'll get some Ginkgo Biloba tea before I post tomorrow, okay?


Anonymous said...

Luscious girly socks in beautiful colors. Reminds me of Easters long ago at Granny's. Gorgeous shawl on the lovely Natalie at your back door. Hope your head clears, know what you mean.Love you...

fig said...

Thanks A Nonny Mouse!