Monday, April 06, 2009

I got a cover!

...only it's in another country. Anybody know how I can get a copy of this?

That's my fingerless gloves design on the cover of the UK version of VK!
It's in the spring/summer issue of VK here in the US, too. See?
and here they are on my hand models before I sent them off

I knit the original pair with Louet Gems fingering weight.

The 360 video will be up on the VK site April 14, they say. You'll notice that they fit a little loosely on the model, I'm sure. The yarn VK chose was heavier than what I submitted.

Okay, a little backstory. I came up with this design, which I named something pretty cool (but you know how Vogue likes to just assign numbers to the designs they publish and then just tag them with a generic moniker, like "Fingerless Gloves") over a year ago in the bleak winter of 2007. I worked them up and then submitted to Vogue in January 2008 for use in knit. 1. I got really busy in 2008, forgot almost all about it, and then in fall of 2008 I get an e-mail. They want to put the gloves in Vogue spring/summer 2009. Great! Send me yarn. Let's go! Well, not long afterward, I got some really pretty cotton blend yarn but it was at best a DK weight. I tried, I did, but there was no way the design would work with a heavier yarn. As I said, I submitted them using fingering weight. I think that's how they work best. We got the yarn all subbed and I ended up with a lovely sport weight yarn. The gloves turned out better than I expected and I did enjoy working them in the yarn you see in this issue. (But I still like them better in fingering...shhhhh, don't tell.)

Yes, I know everyone's mad at Vogue right now. I have decided not to submit anything else to them for the time being and wait and see what they do in response to things like this and this, if anything. BUT I am still very happy to have a design in the Holiday 2008 and in this current issue. It was a real boost--especially when my Cabled Tam is still in the top three on Ravelry from that issue of Vogue Knitting. I really like that. That makes me smile.

Now I'm off to finish the sleeves and hopefully write up the draft for a shapely women's sweater with cables AND lace that I am trying to finish for release for Figheadh for fall. Wish me luck!