Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mosey Grand Prize!

Can you believe it's the last day of Junebug Days? Where does the time go?

It's also the last day to qualify for our Junebug Days Grand Prize...
...a Mosey Cable Lace Wrap Kit, which includes a pretty Mirth bag (handmade by my sister Linda), a 32" ChiaoGoo size 4 circular needle, a Brittany Cable Needle Set, the pattern, and three skeins of Schaefer Nichole. The winner even gets to pick from four gorgeous colors (starting bottom right and go clockwise) Thistle, Clara Barton, Indigo, and Julia Child.

I will take all the names of you who purchased either a Figheadh or Mirth PDF download during the month of June and draw the winner.

This is my thanks to you for buying my patterns. If it weren't for you, there would be no Figheadh or Mirth at all!

I'll be back to announce the winner tomorrow. See you soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wanda Nell

Look who's snuck in just in time to be a Junebug! It's our latest pattern, the Wanda Nell! I designed this simple little cardi specifically for knitting with sock yarn...some of my favorite sock yarn!
 This was the first Wanda Nell I made using Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering. I have a few skeins of this lovely yarn because it's one of my favorites. The twist is so sweet and Claudia's dying is to...dye for! Hahahaha. Couldn't resist. I used Shells on the Beach and Maple Leaf. They just seemed to be made for one another. As you can see, I chose the lighter colorway for the ribbed edges and then alternated the two colors on the body for some fun stripes. You can also see that I went deep with the lower body edging on this one. Also, the waist shaping on this first sample was a little shallow, so I fixed that problem on the second one.

This little cardigan was one of the most fun knitting projects I've ever done. It's knit in fingering weight yarn, but on size 4 needles. This makes a light, smooth fabric perfect for a smart short-sleeved cardigan. Since it's knit from the top down, though, you could make the sleeves (and body) as long (or short) as you want.
Here's the second version I knit in Pagewood Farm Yukon in the Sea Breeze colorway. This one is going to my Aunt Wanda, because that's who I named this one after. My Aunt Wanda has been very good to me all my life. She needed a pretty sweater made just for her.
This is how much yarn I had out of three skeins of the bamboo/wool Yukon yarn. I've got enough to actually make some knee socks.

 The Wanda Nell is written for ten sizes from size two to size 20. The first six sizes take only two healthy skeins (450 yds) of sock yarn (fingering weight) and the last four sizes dip into a third skein.
That means I'm holding a sweater in my hands!
(Pagewood Farm Chugiak in Purple)

I hope you'll give the Wanda Nell Cardigan a try. And if you do, be sure to send me a picture--I want to see your unique creation!

I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up our Junebug Days celebration (is it almost over already?) with the Grand Prize Award! See you then!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winner #6!!

Oh boy, oh boy! We have a winner for the sixth Junebug Days Giveaway!

Small & Moody!

Congrats, Small! I have written you an e-mail about where to send the goodies. As for Vanessa and pinkundine, please let me know if you don't receive your prizes by about a week from today. I have been sending them in bunches, so some of you may still be waiting. Bonnie, Lorraine, and Peppermint, you should have gotten yours by now.

Thanks to everyone who played along on these little contests. It was oh so fun reading all your comments. You played along so well that I had no time to answer and I am so sorry about that, because I would have loved it. You guys helped me crack 50 followers here on Figknits and we are only 10 away from 100 on Figheadh FB. Hurrah! Keep 'em coming!

I hope to be back later today or first thing tomorrow to tell you about another new pattern. Until then, don't think we're done here. Remember that June is the time to buy a Figheadh or Mirth pattern, because when you do, your name is entered to win a Mosey kit, which I never told you more about. Stay tuned...I'll tell you about that later today too.

Okay, I'd best get crackin'. I have lots to do!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giveaway Day #6: Happy Birthday to ME!

The day I've been waiting for! My Junebug Day. Of course I have a giveaway today to celebrate my own birthday and it's a good one!

The yarn for today's prize is Zen String Lotus Toes in Calliope. This is 485 yards of superfine Merino Superwash, and it looks to me like it would be good for socks or gloves worked on a size 0 needle or for a lace shawlette worked on larger needles. Apparently, I've chosen another yarn from my stash that is extinct--I couldn't find any online.

The winner also receives a Mirth T-shirt and a size D ChiaoGoo bamboo-handled crochet hook. Don't be misled--it's not only crocheters who need crochet hooks. They come in handy for knitters, too. They make great tools for picking up dropped stitches, as well as picking up stitches for any kind of edging, and of course, for crocheting edges on your knitting. Really, though, you could also use this hook to learn some crochet, like to make a Clockwise Cap, which is really quite easy. If you really don't know a single crochet stitch (which is a real, actual stitch...single crochet) then check out our free Mirth Learn to Crochet Cowl!

(Well, of course I'm going to plug some of my own patterns. It's my birthday, so I figure I have license. I try to keep that sort of thing to a minimum, but let's be honest. I want you to buy my patterns! I think they're some of the best. Yes, I'm partial. Please indulge me--at least today. Chuckle.)

Remember the guidelines for this contest. We're still trying to reach 50 followers and more here on figknits and 100 fans on the Figheadh and Mirth Facebook pages, so see if you can help us out. Thanks!

Instead of listing other people who share my birthday today or talking about when I was born and all, I wanted to share with you one of the best presents I received this year. It was actually a joint present. My husband's birthday and mine are only ten days apart, so we sometimes treat one another somewhere between. This year, however, my daughter Natalie and her boyfriend Jesse did that for us.

Last weekend Fred and I took a wonderful overnight trip down to Astoria, OR, and when we returned, look what was waiting on our patio!
 Here's the back story. I had been talking with Nat and Jesse about surprising Fred for his Father's Day/birthday by building him a raised bed. Fred and I have been talking about doing some raised bed gardening for years, but just have never gotten around to it. Well, instead of waiting around for me to find time to help them, these two industrious folks went to Gray's Lumber and bought the materials and with the helpful advice of the good folks there, brought it all back here to our house while we were gone and built the thing on our patio. They also gave us some soil and amendment, and some carrot seedlings they had grown, along with a watermelon seedling and a pumpkin seedling. What a fantastic combo both birthdays/Father's Day gift!
 This past week we cleared a section of the back yard, yielding two bins of sod/moss stuff.
 We set down the raised bed and readied the ground next to it for some new mulch.
 Then we went to the Tagro-getting place for some middle dirt fill and then put a few bags of all-purpose potting soil down before adding the special mix Nat and Jesse got for us.
Then finally it was time to plant the carrots, watermelon, pumpkin, some chard starts that Nat and Jesse were given by one of their community garden neighbors (yes, they have their own raised bed in a community garden), and just yesterday we added some marigolds and a couple of tomato plants.

We're gardeners! And big thanks to Natalie and Jesse!

I am kicking back today and enjoying my favorite--some cherry pie that Fred made for me (I'd much rather have a birthday pie than a birthday cake) and doing some purely indulgent reading and knitting. For dinner I will be treated to Fred's famous lasagna. Life is good.

I hope you are enjoying today as much as I am, I truly do.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Pattern!

Hello at last! I've been itching to post all week but we've been so busy trying to edit patterns and do photo shoots I had no time! One of the things I promised back at the first of Junebug Days was some new pattern releases. Well, we finally just now these very last few minutes got one loaded up, and guess what--I'm doing something I've never done before. I am launching this one from here on my blog and for one day only, you can't even get to it on our site. You can only access it from our Ravelry store.

Before I give you the link, let me introduce you to the charming, industrious little Ryann. You guys know I have had a terrible time lately securing little models for these sweaters. Well, Ryann and her mommy Katie (huge thanks to Kelli) came to the rescue just this morning. My daughter Natalie snapped some gorgeous shots of Ryann doing her work. She moved lawn ornaments and rocks around...

 Sat on her porch bench for us...
 Did some artwork on the walkway...
And she pointed out doggies walking their people by the house, and even did some gardening with a real trowel. This little lady was so busy she wore us all out. Not once did she get fussy or annoyed at the three of us snapping cameras at her. She was a trouper!

If you have babies to knit for, you might want to check out the Figheadh Fundamental Top-Down Baby Cardigan. It's written for four gauges and includes sizes 3, 6, 12, and 24 months.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with this photo shoot!

I'll be back very soon with more Junebug Days. The month is almost over, but the fun isn't. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Winner #5!!

Good Morning Junebuggers!

The winner for last Friday's Giveaway is...


Pink, you'd better send me a note at and let me know where to send your package.

See you soon, everyone! Have a great day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Giveaway Day #5: The Missing Week

Hi! Gosh, I missed you folks this week. I got too busy editing patterns and knitting up samples for photo shoots and such. I hope next week finds me blogging a lot more.

How about another giftie?
This week we have some of the lovely Shalimar Zoe Sock 100% Superwash Merino in Pillow Mint. I gotta tell ya, I must love you guys, because this is a lovely yarn in a lovely colorway that apparently they no longer make (sigh). If you'd like this package with yarn, ChiaoGoo bamboo-handled size D crochet hook and a Mirth T-shirt, just go over the rules and leave a pertinent comment for me. I will leave this one up all weekend like last time. That was fun! 

 And seeing as how it is FO Friday, I'll show you the two cardigans I finished up this week. The one in back is a size 8 V-neck in Cascade Rustic and the one in front a size 6 V in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky. They are ready for little models!

And speaking of little models, look at just one of the shots from the Grandtwins' recent photo shoot down in GA.
If that doesn't make your heart well up, then you'd better check your pulse.

I don't know any Junebugs personally with birthdays this week, so please tell us if you do so we can celebrate them!

Have a fun weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Winner #4!!

Happy Monday!

We have a winner for the #4 Junebug Days Giveaway and here she is...


Congrats, Vanessa, and look for my e-mail to grab your mailing info.

Thanks to everyone for playing along and for all the great comments. You're making this a fun month!

Have a great day and I'll be back soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Giveaway Day #4: Are you a Junebug?

The prizes (and a couple more packages) were just delivered to the post office, so all you winners from last week should see your goodies on the doorstep in about a week. You know what that means, don't you?

Well, it's high time for another giveaway!

The yarn for today to accompany your Mirth T-shirt and size D bamboo-handled ChiaoGoo crochet hook is Pagewood Farm Kiana, 225 yards of 100% Merino Superwash worsted-weight yarn in Plum. And for once, the color came through in the picture just about right! Kiana is a gorgeous hand painted yarn and super soft. This skein would make a nice scarf or a couple of hats.

You know the rules. Hit it!

I don't know any Junebugs personally with June 10 for a birthday, but if any of you have today as your birthday, let us know! And if so, your birthday is shared by a mix of folks: Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are illustrator; Judy Garland, traveller to Oz; Princess Madeleine of Sweden; and Hattie McDaniel of Gone With the Wind fame, just to name a few.

Now to change the subject a bit (okay a lot!), I just had to share some pics that I took yesterday when I went on a city photo journey with my daughter Natalie. I love this town--we have no shortage of the old architecture. May it never be erased!

Go find some old buildings in your town this weekend, maybe while you're knitting in public, because this is WWKIP week! Maybe I'll see you out there clicking your needles.

I'll keep the prize for today up for the weekend, y'all. Comment away!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Happy Wednesday to you! I had to take a break from the Junebug posts to whip up a couple of cardigans. Yes, I know! There's been lots of those lately around here. When I am working on a project, I go deep, I'll tell ya. It's a good thing, too. When this pattern's finally released, I think I'll have almost all the kinks worked out.
Here's one of the latest, a manly little size 8 in Cascade Rustic (wool/linen blend). I am about to plunge in and finish up the button band (buttonhole placements all marked out, ya see) and decided to take a break and come say hi!
I also need to wish Junebug Sophie a fond, but late Happy Birthday (yesterday was her big day)! Sophie has been one of our very favorite models the past couple of years. She's just a natural, don't you think? In the picture above, she is modeling the Learn to Crochet Cowl at the Pagoda in Point Defiance Park.

This is an important picture in more ways than one. The Pagoda, built in 1914, was recently vandalized and is undergoing a rebuild. Some juvenile delinquent thought it would be fun to strike a match to it. I don't have anything good to say about that, except that the parks department needs $400,000 more to rebuild this historical structure, after the government budget and insurance have each kicked in their share. You will see a page to donate on the page I linked above. Those of you in the Tacoma area might be interested.

We are very lucky in Tacoma to have the beautiful Point Defiance Park for our enjoyment. The Pagoda has been the site of many weddings and other happy celebrations. Fred and I were married in the nearby Rose Garden Gazebo of this same park and hike there pretty regularly in its old-growth forests and gardens and along the beach and walkways of Commencement Bay. I truly love it there.
Thanks for your patience with this stream-of-conscience post. The mere mention of Point Defiance Park got me going. It means a lot to me.

Be back soon with more Junebug fun and maybe even more goodies to give away! I hope your day is going well, whatever your mind is wandering and wondering about.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Special Little Junebugs

I'm back to share some of the best news. I just found out about two little Junebugs and just had to tell you. Joanne Seiff, author of Fiber Gathering and Knit Green (two wonderful books you really should own), and my friend, had twins on June 1. These little guys just squeezed into being Junebugs.

Have a look.

Winner #3!!

Thanks to everyone who played along to try for a win on my Mom's birthday post! The name chosen by the RNG this morning is...

Peppermint Mocha Mama!

I'll be in touch, PMM.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Giveaway Day: LaRue & Bamboo

Happy Sunday to you! It's strange to be posting today, because I usually take a break from the computer on Sundays. Today, though, I have a very good reason for being here. It's my Junebug Mom's birthday!

In honor of my mom, who not only loves plants and is an excellent gardener (in fact, she's a Master Gardener!), I am including a plant fiber yarn in our giveaway.
Today's yarn/hook/T-shirt package features The Yarn Place Vivace, which is a 100% bamboo Dk-weight yarn. This skein is from the #30 colorway and has 250 yards--enough to make a flirty, soft summer neckerchief.

Here are the rules to try to win this package. Good luck to you all!

 And happy, happy birthday to my mom, Margie LaRue (in a picture with me on my wedding day)! She's actually going to wince when she reads this because she has dropped the Margie and just goes by LaRue now. She even loves LaRue so much better that she gave it to me as my middle name. It's good to have an unusual name. The fact is, though, Mom, those of us who still think of you as Margie LaRue just can't help it. Please bear with us.
Here's another fabulous picture of my mom with one of her very favorite cousins, Wanda Nell, who is the mom of my cousin Vicki, who I wrote about on June 2. They have always been best friends as well as cousins, just like me and Vicki. Don't they look stunning?

My mom grew up in a lively household with one older brother and a passel of cousins. My grandparents took in all of my mom's first cousins (Granny's sister's brood) when their mom died, and they all became a bunch of sister/cousins and brother/cousins. My mom always complained of having to wear too many hand-me-downs and always being the little sister, but she loved them all.

Mom loved to play softball and loved to swim--even synchronized swimming--when she was young. After she had me and my sister, however, she went on to become an executive in the telecommunications field during a time when it was especially hard for a woman to climb that ladder. She is a tough lady, though, and made quite a success of it.

These days you can find her in the hills of NW North Carolina in her 100-year-old farmhouse tending her garden and researching family history, among other things. My mom is and always has been an inspiration to me to be strong, be yourself, and never give up.

I hope your day is going super well, Mom! Happy Birthday! I love you!

(Oh, and I am working on that blanket. I should have it knitted up just in time for your next birthday!)

Winner #2!!

Hurray! The winner of the Camo Girl Superwash package from yesterday's post is...


I'll be writing to you, Lorraine, to find out where to send your goodies. See you all tomorrow for another Junebug post. Sleep tight!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

What's in a skein?

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I am going to give you guys the rest of today to jump on board to win that last yarn package--I'll draw the winner tonight and will post the results before I hit the sack.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you the results of a very recent FO...and it comes with a question for you.

See these two hats?
 Would you ever think they came from the same skein of yarn?
Well, they certainly did, and that skein is Noro Kochoran in the #57 colorway. The large-sized hat on the left is mine and it was knit first (sometime last year). The newer hat on the right came from somewhere around halfway through the skein. You can tell by what's left that I have about enough to make a baby hat, which looks poised to come out more like the first hat made from the skein. Ah, the wonders of long color repeats.

I churned out the medium-sized hat on the right in about two hours yesterday, thanks to the bulkiness of this yarn and the ease of using my Fundamental Watch Cap pattern, which has numbers for four yarn weights and sizes from baby to very large-headed adult. I needed a soft, warm, pretty hat and this yarn gave me just that. My hat made with this yarn is one of my very favorites and has been worn on many chilly morning walks--the angora (30%) component makes it soft and warm. The yarn made it a fun knit, too--watching the colors go by as you wend your way 'round and 'round is the best fun.

What in the world does this have to do with Junebugs? Well, this pattern and dozens and dozens more would not be so error-free and easy to use if it weren't for Junebug Tracey, my fabulous tech editor. I've been very fortunate to be able to work with Tracey for six years now. I don't know where I would be without her. Well, I have some idea--I'd be in tears from reading all the angry e-mails from frustrated knitters trying to work through my bad math, for one thing. Thanks to Tracey, we get the math done for you. She can also knit in her head. I can't do that, can you? Few people can, and that's just one thing that makes Tracey a rock star.

Happy Birthday Tracey! Have a wonderful day!

I'll be back tomorrow with a Junebug without whom I wouldn't exist! Yeah, more than mildly important. See ya soon!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Giveaway Day: Emily and Larry

Congrats to Bonnie for winning our first giveaway yesterday. Let's have another one!

 The yarn for this very special day's giveaway is the vivaciously colorful Skye Sock Yarn dyed by Liz of McKintosh Yarns in her Camo Girl colorway. It is 368 yards of 100% Superwash Merino. Of course it comes with a Mirth T-shirt and a ChiaoGoo bamboo-handled size D crochet hook. Actually, this crochet hook would work well with today's yarn to make something lovely in crochet stitches.

Make sure you've read the rules. Go!

Now to introduce today's Junebugs. This one was a toughie. The Junebug for today that I know best is none other than my firstborn, Emily Alison
 Here she is in one of my favorite photos of her. It depicts her as the quintessential 80's chick that she is. She was born smack dab in the middle of 1980 and is quite proud of that fact. She watched the decade unfold and still loves all the insane disco music of the time and can actually sing (and dance to) most of it.
Emily has always been our little drama queen, beginning with her birth when she made us all wait almost 24 hours for her arrival. By the time she came, there was an entire waiting room full of folks applauding. And she craved applause from then on. Emily got into theater at a young age and I hope sincerely that when she has a break from being the mommy of the illustrious twins Malcolm and Lucy (seen very often on this blog), she will return to it. She can sing and dance like nobody's business and can charm the shell off a turtle.

Here is a more recent picture of her sipping an Italian soda during a lunch that she and I shared a little over a year ago. Isn't she just the cutest thing? I'm extra proud of her. She's the best mommy, too. Husband Randall and twins Malcolm and Lucy are very fortunate to have her around every day.

The hard part of this post was finding a famous Junebug to compare to Emily. She's so unique that my job was almost impossible. The closest I could find was, believe it or not, Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove fame.

Here are some things Emily and Larry have in common. They both grew up on a ranch. They are both the oldest of the family. They are both book collectors. They have both been book store managers. That's it. Maybe if I could have bunched together a few others I could have found more similarities. I tried Curtis Mayfield (Superfly) but about all they had in common was a high singing voice. I tried Boots Randolph, who also has one son and one daughter like Emily, but he plays everything but a flute and that's Emily's instrument. At least I don't think Emily's ever tried playing the sax. Yakity Yak much, Em?

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Emily. I hope your day is magical. I love you!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Winner #1!!!

I thought I'd let my Random Name Generator thingy that Fred made for me tell ya!

Yea Bonnie! I'll be writing to you for where to send your Smooshy!

See you guys tomorrow!

Giveaway Day: Vicki & Martha

I'll tell you about Vicki and Martha, our Junebugs of the day, after I show you what you can win today. Smooshy! Yes, I have a little group here of a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in the Wisterious colorway, a size D ChiaoGoo bamboo-handled crochet hook, and a Mirth T-shirt. In fact, every prize package that I give away this month will have the crochet hook and the T-shirt and a different yarn. Everyone needs a crochet hook handy, whether you're knitting or crocheting, and this size is great for picking up dropped stitches, for one thing. Another thing everyone needs is a crisp, white, new Mirth shirt. It's cute!

You know the rules. Go for it!

Now for an introduction. This picture is of my best cousin Vicki Lynn holding me in the pool. She was always either holding me up or by my side, being not just a good cousin, but also a good, good friend. Oh the many fun times we have had and I hope there's more to come. It's just at present she lives in GA and I am in WA. Too far apart! Vicki's birthday is today and I want to wish her the best day, a gorgeous day, a fun day.

I love you, Vicki!

Vicki and I went to the hospital together when I was six and suffered through tonsillectomies together. After we each got home, our moms had a little contest and kept up with how soon we were both "eating solid foods again." I think she won. I was a bit of a whiner.

We also both had little sisters. Here we are, the four of us, in a typical Poloroid shot with obligatory lingering fingerprint in the corner. Do the big sisters look like we are trying to exert some authority or what? "Don't forget who holds up the trees around here, little sissy!" And aren't we all attired so nattily? This must have been at one of the hundreds of family reunions we frequented. Dinner on the ground! Casserole heaven!

On the occasion of this my cousin Vicki's birthday, I thought I would link her with another Junebug born on this day, though many years prior. Martha Washington, our first First Lady. Here are some things these two have in common:
  1. They are/were both oldest daughters of their familes.
  2. They are/were both dark-haired.
  3. They are/were both relatively height-challenged in comparison to the general population and married taller men. Much taller men. Neck-wrenching-to-kiss taller men.
  4. They are/were both VERY happily married to those tall husbands and hate(d) to be apart from them.
  5. They both love(d) reading and the theater.
Happy Birthday to Junebugs Vicki and Martha!

Things are going to fire fast and fun around here for a few days, because I'll be back tomorrow with another giveaway and two more Junebugs to honor. I hope I can give today's prize away before I can post the next one! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Junebug Days!

Hello! Welcome to our month-long Junebug party here on figknits. I'm not talking about real bugs, but those of us born during the month of June. Being a Junebug myself, Im kinda partial. I picked June to have this little fiesta because my birthday's this month and I wanna party all month long!

The reason for the partying is that in addition to releasing some new Figheadh patterns, we are going to be having some fun at some other Junebugs' expense and we'll be giving away some prizes. If you'd like to jump into the fun, here are the rules:

For this month only, whenever you see a post with "Giveaway Day" at the beginning of the post title, you know there's a prize involved that day. I will post a picture of the prize to be awarded. To be in the running, here's what you do. We'll use our random name generator to pick the winners.

1. Comment appropriately and pertinently. This is the only one required to get your name in for the day. Tell me why you'd like that day's prize, for instance. Then choose from any or all of the following tasks to up your chances. With each of these tasks, make sure to let me know what you did and make sure that I can contact you. If I can't follow your name as a link and find an e-mail addy or find your blog or site, please add that information to your comment. I want to be able to contact you to let you know if you win. Okay, here's the rest.

Caution: Please perform each of the following actions once--doing so more than once skews my numbers and does not increase your chances to win. Thank you.
2. "Like" Figheadh Yarnworks on Facebook. Help us get to 100 "likers" and beyond!
3. "Like" Mirth on Facebook. Help us get to 100 "likers" and beyond!
4. "Follow" my blog.
5. Post the Junebug Days badge (above) on your blog--please copy and paste it and make it link back to me.
6. Post about Junebug Days (tell your friends!) on your blog or on Facebook.
7. Join my Figheadh Yarnworks and/or Mirth group(s) on Ravelry and introduce yourself, telling us that you did so because you read about it here. 
8. Sign up for my newsletter on the home page.
9. Join in one of the discussions on either the Figheadh Facebook page or the Mirth Facebook page.
10. Send me a message on Ravelry (jenhagan) telling me what your favorite Figheadh or Mirth pattern is (and please add a heart to it.)

Thanks to Sandra Singh for all the wonderful ideas I was inspired to add here. She is the queen of blog contests!

There will be several giveaway days this month, but I'm not telling ahead of time. You need to stop by pretty regularly to happen upon them. All prizes must be awarded by June 30 and anyone anywhere can win.

On the days between Giveaway Days, we will be celebrating famous and not-so-famous Junebugs. For instance...

Did you know that today is Andy Griffith's and Marilyn Monroe's birthday? Here are some things these two folks have in common. They were born the same day in the same year (June 1, 1926). They were both actors and singers. I'm sure you knew that last one, but did you know that they both were born with different names than the ones that eventually made them famous? I'll bet you already know that Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Baker, but did you know that Andy was born Carl Lee Griffith? They were also both married three times (not to one another of course) and if you'll notice both their acting careers included "playing dumb" a lot. Think about it.

Just two famous Junebugs I hope I've enlightened you about. So many more to come!

Tune in tomorrow when one of my Junebugs will be someone I grew up with compared to a First Lady--both Junebugs! Oh, and if you are a Junebug, I'd really like to know.

One more thing. We are also going to give away a grand Junebug Days prize to one Figheadh or Mirth pattern purchaser this month. Every purchase of a Figheadh or Mirth PDF download enters you into a drawing for a Mosey Wrap kit to be given away on June 30. This is a very good month to buy some Figheadh and Mirth! I'll tell you more about the kit tomorrow. I've kept you long enough.

Enjoy your day and I'll see you soon!