Wednesday, February 03, 2010

26 to go

I'm back! (Okay, I'll stop doing a grand entrance like that just as soon as I stop being amazed that I am keeping up with this--give me a couple more days.) And apparently I lost time again, because yesterday I referred to my daughter's visit as having happened last week. Nope. It was two weeks ago. I guess last week never happened.
On with today! One thing I had to do today was a little inventory, which involved tackling the reorganization of the yarn room. I couldn't even get that box off to my sis until this happened. Well, the inventory caused a delay, just as with any new task I have to perform in Quickbooks. Had to read a good bit of the help topics, but I think I figured it out. Why are you just now learning inventory, Jen? Because up til now we've never sold any products. But we're about to! There's one hint for ya. (Oh, and the yarn in the photo--here's a hint for's like butter...and nuts....But the apples have nothing to do with the inventory. Those are just what I should have had for breakfast instead of those blue corn chips and queso...uh oh.)

This week I've been working on a couple of the new designs with these two yarns with similar fiber content, but different weights. On the left is a cake of the wonderful new Schaefer Audrey in the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross colorway. It's 50-50 wool/silk single ply and comes in 700 yard hanks. Whoa, sister, that's a bunch. I am working on a very pretty lace sock with it. I have to stop every five rounds or so and just admire its beauty. The hank on the right is Butternut Woolens Silkie (Shelly blogs about it here.) It's 60-40 wool/silk and is also a single ply in Aran weight, and it comes in 440 yard hanks. I'm working on something with cables with this fat goodness.

There ya go. Enough for today. Gotta go do a very late yoga workout and get ready to go to get a mammagram (oh, joy.) Yep, it's big doctor visit week for me! After that, I deserve to come back home and knit some more with those gorgeous yarns, don't you think? I knew you'd agree.


La Rue said...

Inventory of all that stuff in your house? Ambitious and necessary for the plan.

fig said...

Whoa! No, not all the yarn, just the yarn we will resell. Way most of it is for samples and tests. So that narrows it down quite a bit. :-)