Monday, March 31, 2008

it takes a lot of sticks

Sticks a-plenty. But what I want you to notice is that the cable needle at the back helping me make the little cable doughnut in this sample of my Red Rover Cable Socks is not any bigger than the dpn's. That's the unusual part. Know why? Because the nice people at Twin Birch Products made me some tiny cable needles, that's why. And they work like a dream! They are just what I've been searching for, because you already have too many sticks when you're trying to knit socks on dpn's. A big, ol' oversized (most only go down to size 4) cable needle just gets in the way and it stretches your tiny stitches. Not this little jewel--it is kind to my stitches. I am working these socks in Cascade Heritage, a super-duper fine sock yarn, color #5611, on size 1 dpn's in case you wondered. Nearby is another pair on size 2 circs in color #5610. The sock on size 1 is making a child-sized sock, and the one on size 2 is coming out adult-sized. (My good buddy Beth uses size 3--she needs to chill!) For most sock knitting I find Heritage to work best on size 1, but when cables are present, it's best to go up to a 2. Too bad I didn't know that before you knit your socks, huh, Stormy? She did a pair for me that look best in person, because I had her knit them in the Heritage color #5621, a red handpaint. They don't show up well with an amateur picture-taker like me.
Yea Stormy! So pretty--but don't be fooled. Stormy says these socks fit her 6-year-old just fine. Yes, small. I asked her to make them on size 1, and she did the 2-socks-on-2-circs trick.

I'll get back to my sock knitting now, but remember, if you want to work cables more easily with your socks or gloves or anything small, contact the folks at Twin Birch and maybe they'll make you some tiny cable needles. They asked that if I liked them to please spread the word, so I am!

I'll be crowing more about Twin Birch because I also got some dpn's and crochet hooks from them. I'll let you know how they work for me. I guess, besides my Addi Turbos (and now Addi Lace needles) I love wooden needles and hooks the best.

Happy Day Before Fool Day, everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Busy

Here are just a few reasons why I've been too busy to post--

More later!