Saturday, February 06, 2010

23 Skidoo!

I don't know if that expression has anything to do with today's post--I just like it. According to Wikipedia, it means "to get out while the getting's good." The only thing I'm trying to get out of this morning is the house, to take a walk with Fred. It's shaping up to be a bright, clear morning. A little chilly, but great for a trek down and back up the 29th Street hill.
I've emerged from the week of doctor visits (4 in all!) finding out that my spine is straight (take that, you lying chiropractors), my cholesterol is a bit high, but that I have no evil growths threatening my plan to live to 98.
Life is good!

I spent a couple of hours this morning re-researching short-row heels for socks, which was a continuation of last night's study while waiting for our Garlic Jim's pizza to arrive (our first try and it was yum!). I have a big three-ring binder of notes on sock heels and plenty of sock pattern and technique books. You could get a graduate degree in this subject, I believe. That's how much information there is out there on the subject.
After a little more reading this morning, I was persuaded by Janet Rehfeldt in her book Toe-Up Techniques for Toe-Up Socks to try the Japanese method. I tried it, but I must have done something wrong. You see the result above (but not super-closely, because I don't want you to see the wonkiness). Yep--I will have to rip it and try again. It's not the book's fault. It's a great little book with very clear illustrations of the techniques.
I might go back to Antje Gillingham's method in her book Knitting More Circles Around Socks, which I used on the Coralee Ankle Socks you see in the picture above (a Figheadh pattern about to be released). I liked that one. Thanks, Antje!
Yesterday I did get the crochet cap crown figured out, once I did a refresher course on how to work a 3dctog, thanks to one of my very favorite books, Crocheting School (love the Knitting School one, too!) I also got the last new Figheadh pattern sent to the editors and then I saw Kelli's e-mail that I had a cable correct in the charts but wrong in the line-by-line. Whoops! I also heard from Sue that her Coralee test #2 is done and she learned two new techniques while doing it (I love that!) I did a little more work on the yarn inventorying. I did not, however, get any pattern writing done on the new patterns. That's waiting for me today.

I leave you with this shot of a beautiful cable, made so by this Butternut Silkie yarn, which you can get in many fabulous colors next weekend right here in Tacoma at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat. Can't make it? She'll have it for sale on her site by March. As for the Madrona, well, you know I'll tell you about that, and I'll show pictures!

Gotta go! Fred's ready and waiting for our walk. Have a great Saturday, folks!

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