Tuesday, February 16, 2010

13 is lucky!

Because...drum roll....I slept all night! (Nothing to take lightly these days.)
Watch out! I'm high on wakefulness!
I had to put away the Lives of the Poets for now. Michael Schmidt's book is wonderful--kinda like a grad poetry course, and while I enjoyed those, it's not the kind of thing to read while trying to drift off to (precious) sleep. Now this is more like it. Good stuff. Yep, I'm a lightweight right now. Reading things inspired by movie watching. I am a confirmed movie nut, though, so there ya go. Guess who is the Queen of movie nuts, though. My oldest, twin-preggy daughter. And her friends know her so well. Guess when they are throwing her a baby shower. Yep, on Oscar night. How perfect. (Me, I stopped watching the Oscars the year they didn't give Cate Blanchett the gold statuette for Elizabeth.) I just hope the babies love movies or they'll be disappointed (or Emily will, who knows?) My mom and I made our girls movie nuts, though. It's our fault. It's our fault they played Little Mermaid incessantly while swimming in my mom's hot tub. It's my fault they (we) all spoke (speak) in movie quotes too much. It's our fault we have all these videotapes and can't seem to get rid of them, keeping a VCR just so we can watch Merlin and Howard's End. We'll replace them someday with DVD's, I guess.
Progress: Up almost to the heel on the second sock with Audrey.
Finished the mitts with Silkie.
Gotta get Figheadh pattern orders processed today, edit a pattern, write another pattern, and finish that sock up there! We are now at the point of having two patterns tested and ready to send to the editors, two patterns waiting for the final edit, three patterns in test, two patterns to get written (testers for those are standing by), and one pattern that has been sketched and swatched. My plan is to have the three Figheadh patterns out before the month is done, one pattern for the new line out by March 1, and six others for the new line out by April 1.
Watch us do it.


Emily said...

That's right! Movies and Books! What a legacy, my little ones will be lucky if they enjoy these as much as we always have. Oh the worlds you can enter! So excited for the big reveal! (Yours and mine!) much love

La Rue said...

Whew!!! This daily posting is fun, so much going on. Can't wait for all the happenings in the next few months. Keep going and going and going..... LYVM!!!