Friday, September 21, 2007

Overlay Bag & a Correction

Business first:
It seems there is a small error in the Cast On Winter Gems. Anyone wishing to make them, please note the change in the written instructions for the cable. It should read like this--

Rows 33 and 35: (P2, k4) 4 times, p2. (correction 9/21/07)

Now for some fun. Here is my sample of the Overlay Felted Tote in the fall Interweave Crochet.
This one is made with good ol' Cascade 220 100% wool (no, I swear I don't own any stock nor am I employed by the company--as many of you know, it's just one of the best worsted-weight wools for the price). The base tote is felted, but the French Square overlay is not. Those are colors #8013 and #9452.
Good things just continue...we are going to Hood River, OR, on November 10 to do a presentation and class on cabling at Knot Another Hat! Yea! I am so looking forward to that, because Sarah and Yvonne are my online friends who I finally get to meet in person! Get ready for some hugs, you guys! Also, my trunk show will be there starting the first weekend of November and continuing for the whole month. If you are anywhere near, I hope you will stop in and see us (or at least my stuff!)
I have been happily held hostage with new design ideas the past couple of days.! I'm finally letting myself get back to some freelance submissions--I just can't resist any longer.
Also, with six patterns in test and one in editing stage, there will be some new designs on the Figheadh site soon, so stay tuned!
I hope you have had a good week, and I wish you a fabulous fall weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks YY Ladies!

Monday night, I survived my first presentation as a designer. It's only because of the fabulous ladies of Yorkshire Yarns' Hooks & Needles Club. I was so caught up in the yarny love and appreciation I received from these wonderful folks that I completely forgot to take pictures! Believe me, they were a gorgeous bunch of ladies, all knitting and crocheting a variety of fiber goodies. I should be able to show you the people who, even though I often went down meandering side roads of thought in my attempt to tell them about myself and my work, would gently and sweetly guide me back to pertinence with their questions (and sometimes endearingly frankly, i.e. "Do you make any money?" Loved that.) In a word, they were great! Thanks to you all for a simply lovely evening. I want to see you guys again.

And I will, I hope, because I am about to plunge into another first--teaching classes! Sonya has set up a felting class for the end of the month. On September 29, we are going to learn felting, using my Rudy pattern. It's perfect, because we can begin with the Little Rudy and have all the techniques down for doing the larger tote. I am so excited!

We're also going to have some sort of festivities when Debbie Stoller's Son of Stitch n' Bitch comes out. I'll let you know more about that when I know. The release date is jumping around a bit.

Speaking of SnB, I am working on a second sample of the sweater I designed for the book, because Deb wants one to take with her on her book tour. The other one will be with the traveling trunk show. Like I said, sweet work, baby! No, you don't get rich, but the yarn fun makes up for a lot.

I don't know about you, but I got my copy of Interweave Crochet late Monday. (Hey, look! The fall preview is back!) If you have a subscription, you actually get it before the shops do, unlike some other magazines. I really appreciate that.

Okay, I'm a little apprehensive about a post with no pictures. I guess it's because I'm such a fiercely visual thinker. Please excuse--pics next time!

Tioraidh an-drĂ sta!
(Bye for now!)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Crochet Too!

This week flew by, whoosh, because I spent it editing new patterns. I finally got the testing materials sent out for six new Figheadh Yarnworks designs this morning. Whew. As Dawn would say...Onward!

I've been itching to share some news all week, too. Last weekend, Interweave Crochet put up their fall preview and look what was in it!That's my Crochet Overlay Tote. It was great fun to work with Kim Werker, their new editor, and Toni Rexroat, Assistant Editor. I can't wait to see this whole issue. Looks fabulous! Funny thing is, the preview was up and now it's not. It reverted back to the Spring issue. Hmmmm. You can see the preview at Dreamweaver Yarns until IC gets the fall issue back on their site.

Another thing that happened was that I finally got my issue of Cast On in the mail. I can show you a better picture of my gloves, which they named Winter Gem. They are knit with Cascade 220 wool on size 4 needles to make them extra warm. I love this whole issue, as well. There are lots of cozy, yummy knits in it.

Also, Fred did a lot of hard work last weekend getting my freelance designs added to our site. Have a look and let me know what you think. It's on our About Us page, so scroll down, please.

We also recently added a great new shop as one of our wholesale customers--Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA. If you live anywhere near there, you should check it out. She has some gorgeous fibers and Sonya, the owner, is a hoot! I get to go this next Monday night, September 10, to give a presentation, and the pattern of the month at the shop is Mavis. We are going to knit some Mavises and have a fun visit.

I've done a whole lotta knittin' this week, but I can't show you any of it yet. It's all samples for the new designs. Socks, scarves, headbands, hats, baby stuff, and one woman's sweater. Well, I didn't knit all of that this week. I'm pretty industrious, but, golly. That's what new designs are coming.

Let me see if I can dig up a shot of something for ya.
These are some LB Magic Stripes socks (Regatta Blue Stripe) that I finally finished for Fred, and a teaser--a detail shot of one of my new designs. I love this Jewel Cross-Rib stitch from Barbara G. Walker's Second Treasury, and it's made with Cascade 220 Superwash in color #850. The thing I can't tell you about...that's one of my favorite designs ever...that I almost submitted to Knitty but then got stingy and kept for Figheadh...that I have now made three sets of, one for my oldest daughter, the illustrious Emily...okay, I'll hush now.

Gotta knit! (What sweet work.)

Enjoy your weekend!