Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Socks of course!

Emily inspired me. If she has time to post, then I can, too. And I have more to tell than there is space...so I'll just have to try to post more often.

First of all, we have three new sock designs! The first one you see here is the Vertigo Sock. We call it that because of its swirly-dizzy stitch pattern, which is made from increase/decrease stitches. The pattern goes down into the heel and out onto the toe. It's a fun, easy sock written for three different sizes. This sample is made with Cascade's new Heritage sock yarn in color #5619.

This is just one of the designs I came up with especially for this new yarn. The good folks at Cascade let me try it out way back in December and I was immediately inspired to design the Vertigos and...

...the Snow Lake Socks! I wanted to try something with Alpine twisted stitches, so here ya have it. I named these after one of our favorite Alpine-like hikes. If you haven't hiked to Snow Lake, you must! It's a gorgeous sight that can only be seen on foot. Okay, I guess you could fly over, but hiking's more fun.

These Snow Lake Socks are made with Cascade Heritage as well and the color is #5613. They are knit toe-up and have a short-row heel and instructions include four different sizes.

The last new design is Dainty Ankles. I've been kicking this design around for a while now, and finally got it written up for two sizes--baby and child size 10-12. It's a delicate dressy sock and has a round toe. The baby sample here is also Heritage color #5613 and the larger sock is knit in color# 5618.

I love this new sock yarn. As a matter of fact, we love it so much we had all ten of our socks knitted up in it, with the help of Shirley and Bonnie and Beth and Stormy. Thanks you guys!

Here's a group shot. And a parting shot--gotta go!

More news next time!