Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiss and make up?

Oh, blog, I'm so sorry. I must have done that thing I do when I put something in a very good place and then very quickly forget where the very good place was. I left you in a corner of a drawer somewhere and forgot about you for a little while. Please forgive me. How bout a hug?

Okay, now that we've gotten past our apologies, me and the blog can get back to telling you what's been going on around here!

First of all, we had a little KAL with the Mirth pattern Off Kilter Mitts. On October 2 we held the Grand Prize Drawing at The Yarn Stash with the help of Shilah, Hannah, and Indjah, three very sweet little ladies who delved into a "cauldron" of candy and chose Tracey, whose name was written on a green box of Appleheads. Tracey just happens to be the first person who knit a pair of the mitts. Thanks to all of you who knit up the OK, and some of you made more than one pair! It was big fun to see all the iterations. You can go here to see them all.

After that, I was asked to join the Yorkshire Yarns retreaters at Gwinwood Conference Center on beautiful, peaceful Hicks Lake to talk to them about top-down fingers. We worked on two different ways to do glove fingers from the top down. They were a very nice bunch of 15 ladies! We will have a full day of glove knitting at Yorkshire Yarns on November 6. We're going to knit gloves from the fingertips down and from the cuff up and meet in the middle. I know it's crazy. Just trust me. Call the shop at 253-589-9276 if you'd like to join us. They have all the details.

A couple of weeks after that, I had the pleasure of hosting Julie Turjoman for part of her Pacific Northwest Brave New Knits booksigning tour. We had a blast! Fred and I took her to one of our favorite spots for seafood omelets, a look at the rose and dahlia garden in Point Defiance Park, then to Sanford and Son for the Ms. Tattoo contest, a part of the new Tacoma Harvest Fair , and then on to the Glass Museum--a good little Tacoma tour. The next day Julie and I went over to Port Orchard to see the very nice folks at A Good Yarn Shop before regrouping to go to Yorkshire Yarns for the book signing. Everyone at YY was so very nice and entertaining and even modeled some of the samples.

Shirley in Krookus

Kelli in Kookla

Julie, Pat and Kelli (in Origami) looking glam!

I'd better put a cap on this post and get back to work. I'll probably show you more pictures from this crazy month in the next post, which won't be so long in coming this time. I'm keeping this blog in a really good place this time--right by my side.

Stay dry and warm--I hear that the cold rains are hitting on both coasts!