Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The January Creative Knitting issue is out. It has my Chattahoochee Scarf! Looky--
In the magazine, you can see more of the scarf--it's looonnnngggg, and with fringe! It was fun to make, and I got to try it with Moda Dea Tweedle Dee. Chunky!

This was just another of my designs with cables made from 2/2 rib...which I have stopped doing (as far as you know...hee, hee). No, really. I stopped. For now, at least.

Grab a copy of the January Creative Knitting and make a Chattahoochee! It's fun! Here's one I made with Gedifra Fashion Stripe.
This is what it looked like before I accidentally sent it through the washer and dryer. Now it has dreadlocks for fringe--kinda neat! The ladies at Yarn Stash saw it Sunday when I was there enjoying a wonderful day of classes. We had a blast! I can't wait to come back, you guys. You are all just the best!
Now back to knitting up some Seagull Socks with Claudia Handpaints Strawberry Latte. As soon as I get my camera back in play, I will show you. Too yummy.
Have fun knitting this week!

Pub Crawler

So many fantastic things happened all at once, I haven't had time to show you the Pub Crawler!

Just before Thanksgiving, Debbie Stoller's Son of Stitch 'n Bitch came out. We were in Hood River when we first saw the book, and I didn't get my complimentary copy until last week (after I put one on hold at Borders and then stole one from Sarah and didn't even know it for a solid week--'nother story). This book is really cute, just like all the SnB books, but this one really goes over the top with projects like Deady Bear and Lucha Libre. My design in the book is decidedly tame comparatively--but it made the cover!

It's a sweater for all those who don't want a permanent tattoo. Tattoo your sweater!

The Pub Crawler is knit in Cascade 220 Wool Heathers. Yes, those are the same exact colors as my version of the Overlay Felted Bag in Interweave Crochet, because I luuuvvv the color combo.
I knit two of these sweaters for Debbie. One is on the trunk show for the book, and the other is with Debbie on her book tour. Before that, I made one with some discontinued Katia Scotch. Yep, me and the Pub Crawler are fast friends.
If you want to see Ms. Stoller and some of the samples, here are her tour dates:

11/26 Chicago, IL: 7:30 pm, Barnes and Noble, 1441 West Webster Avenue
11/28 Grand Rapids, MI: 6:30pm, Schuler Books and Music, 2660 28th St
11/29 Milwaukee, WI: 12pm, Loop Yarn Shop, 2963 N. Humbolt Blvd
11/30 Minneapolis, MN: 1pm Needlework Unlimited, 4421 Drew Ave. South
11/30 Minneapolis, MN: 7pm, Barnes and Noble, 3001 White Bear Ave North, Maplewood
12/2 Vancouver, BC: 6pm Urban Yarns, 4421 West 10th Ave
12/4 Seattle, WA: 6:30 pm Sons of Norway, 18891 Front St., Poulsbo WA (hosted by Liberty Bay Books)
12/5 Portland, OR: 7:30pm Powell's Downtown, 1005 W. Burnside
12/7 Sacremento, CA: 12:10pm Stitch 'n Ride car on train to to Emeryville
12/10 San Francisco, CA: 7:30pm Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
12/12 Salt Lake City, UT: 7:00pm Barnes and noble, 1104 East 2100 South
12/13 Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake City Public Library, 210 East 400 South
& more to come....

Interestingly, Deb is not doing Seattle, as it intimates. Poulsbo is not Seattle. Poulsbo is as much Seattle as Snellville is Atlanta (for all my Georgia homies). So go to Sons of Norway and see! Still, it's too bad she couldn't go to Elliott Bay Books or one of the amazing Seattle yarn shops for her "Seattle" part of the book tour. Don't ask me!
Well, anyway, get the book and knit you some stuff. If you try the Pub Crawler, I'd love to see!
EDIT: Just found out that Debbie is making a surprise visit to Hilltop Yarn in Queen Anne in Seattle Tuesday, Dec 4 at 3:00 P.M. Now that's more like it!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello, All! Fred and I took a break from repetitive pumpkin pie, turkey, and stuffing consumption to get five new patterns added to the site today. I am going to introduce them to you one by one.

In the spirit of the season, let's begin with a food-inspired design. I give you Noodleheads!

This whole idea started when I realized that a cable I was designing looked like a lasagna noodle. I wanted to put it into a sweater, but I thought I would try it on a headband first. I've been in a headband mood lately, anyway, so I just tried a couple more pasta-type cables (fettuccini in the middle and rotini on top) and here you have it. There's definitely going to be a Noodleheads II and maybe a III. I love pasta--I love knitting, so why not put 'em both together?

Any worsted-weight yarn and size 7 noodles, I mean needles (hyuck, hyuck) will get you a headband in no time. It's a great stashbuster and they would make really nifty presents.

So if you've had quite enough real food, why not cuddle up with some knitted food instead? Try a Noodlehead or two!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks Yarn Stashers!

Sunday Fred and I were the lucky ones to get to spend the day with Bonnie and Beth and their lovely customers at the Yarn Stash in Burien, WA. We just hung out all morning and I got to talk to some of them about the designs and such. Then, a little after noon we had a fun basic cables class. There were 10 sweeties in the class and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with them, making a cabled headband (or at least getting a start on it.)

Here's some pics. Above, you can see Sandie and Ashlee and Rhonda, and Jenna and Laura and Beth and a couple of customers scooping up goodies before class. See the Figheadh stuff all over the display case?

Here's the shop from the other angle--filled from bottom to top with fibery yummies and tools and books and magazines. The Yarn Stash is just the most warm and welcoming and fun place to be. If you're anywhere near, you should stop in and see Bonnie and Beth. You'll never want to leave! Fred even loves being there and he doesn't knit or crochet. (Of course, he is partial to all the wooliness or he'd never survive living with me!)

One more picture--this is just before class is starting.

They're even going to let me come back and teach some more! We'll be there on December 2 for an intermediate cables class and a felting class. Another day of fun!
I am really enjoying teaching knitting classes. I just want to get better so I can do it all the time!
I'll be back soon with talk about Son of SnB, new Figheadh Designs, and other good stuff.
For now, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Wherever you are, whatever your plans, I hope you enjoy a little rest and peacefulness thinking about all the good things in your life. I'm overwhelmed with good things right now. I hope you are, too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hood River Adventure

We had the most delightful time last weekend in Hood River, Oregon at Sarah's cutesy shop, Knot Another Hat. We had our first trunk show the week before--here's some shots!

You can see Wiggles, Marsaili, Ciaran, OXO, Woodsy, Flowing Locks, Bobble Cable, Fishernet--the usual suspects.

And here's Sherrod hanging out with another Fishernet, and Mairead getting a little table to herself!

Iain and Calum were also there, and they had a very nice week visiting KAH.

Sarah arranged us a beautiful room at the Hood River Hotel right across the street. Saturday morning we had a casual presentation with six awesome ladies of all kinds of fiber talents, and that afternoon I taught a class on cable knitting.

Here I am at the presentation yammering on about how much I love what I do. Isn't Sarah's shop luscious? I could hang out there all the time! Those big windows overlook the Columbia River and the shop is up off of the street in the heart of the Hood River action on Oak Street.

After this fun time of just sitting around talking about knitting design, then we had a yummy lunch at the restaurant just below the shop. Fred and I got to know Julia, Mary, and Nichole a lot better over turkey sandwiches and such, and then we went back in for a three-hour cables class. Being that it was my first time to teach this particular class, I tried to put in way too much info and made no accounting for the disparate skill levels of the 13 students. Yep, you read right--13. This just shows that there are tons of folks who love cable knitting! I'm sure the attendance was upped by this lovely blog post on the Oregonian. They actually have a knitting blog on the paper's site! Anyway, it was a juggle, and if it weren't for the presence of Nichole and Yvonne, expert teachers themselves, I couldn't have made it through. I was a little under the weather and by the next day, I had lost my voice completely, but besides that, it was a blast! Thanks to all you guys!!

So, listen. If you are anywhere near Hood River, Oregon, go on over and see Sarah. You'll also find a wealth of divine food establishments and cozy places to spend the night, not to mention the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge with its colorful autumn foliage and funky cliffy obeliscal thingys sticking up from nowhere. Okay, I'm not a travel writer and certainly not a geologist, so go here and read more about it. I just know I want to go back and do some hiking and camping there.

Back to getting well, tightening up my cables class notes, working on a hat for Vogue for their upcoming On the Go: Grannies (as in granny squares) book, and awaiting my own copy of Son of Stitch n' Bitch, which some people have and some don't. It's supposed to be "out," but it's only minimally so. Do you have it?

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Press

Just popping in to say there's more good press gathering for Clara Parkes' book! This morning, I opened my e-mail and there was the "Potter Craft News" with The Knitter's Book of Yarn as its featured title for this November issue. Looks like they decided to give away one of the patterns and it's my Princess Mitts! If you want to sample a pattern from the book, go here and print the pattern. It's an exact photocopy of the pages from the book, so if you don't have the book yet (but you're gonna buy it, aren't ya now? Hmmmmm?), you can see a little (just a smidge) of what it's like.

Here's another blogger talking about the book, and another (scroll down). And then lo and behold, Fred opened up the TNT Monday and what should he see but a small article critiquing two knitting books. Egads--yes, right there in the lifestyle section. Look here at the online version. Yes, folks are catching on more and more. Clara's book is awesome. (I want that other book, too--actually, I had dreamed of writing a book like that.)

Just wanted to share!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Sarah Zip Cardigan Pattern
Figheadh Yarnworks
Cascade Pastaza
Color #017
Size 10.5 (6.5 mm) needles
Sizes 28 (32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52)
Here's our latest addition to the Figheadh Yarnworks line. I started working on Sarah early in 2006, finished knitting up this sample earlier this year, and now the pattern is all edited and finally ready. I love these three braid cables and wanted to merge them into a sturdy, yet feminine zip cardigan. It was a very fun knit, and I would even like to do another in Cascade Eco Wool. The cardigan's midi collar is knit separately and sewn to the sweater, and the shoulders are joined with a saddle. Follow this link to see the front (scroll down a bit).
I named this design after my aunt Sarah in honor of her 80th birthday in May 2006. I couldn't be there for what must have been a great celebration of that event, so I wanted to show my admiration somehow. Aunt Sarah is one of the strongest women in a whole bunch of strong women on my mother's side of the family. She was a nurse in an earlier life and went on to nurse her own husband, Uncle Jack, when he had a stroke. He lived for many years because of her wonderful care for him. When he passed away, she just transferred that love and care on to others--family and others--in more ways than anyone will ever know. I have always appreciated her kindness and her calm, wise demeanor. Here's to you, Aunt Sarah! May you live for many more!
On a lighter note, I have been sucked into the Ravelry fun. It's too much! I am having to do a little at a time, but I am building up my "notebook". If you haven't signed up, you should. If you have, then look for me as jenhagan--yeah, I decided not to go the cryptic route.
I hope the time change is messing with your sleep. Enjoy your November knitting!