Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Show Us Your Glentrekkers!

Our Glentrekker Cardigan was published in October 2014 after a fun test knit on Ravelry. Some of the following FO's are from the testers. Let's have a look!

photo credit: houndsmum
 The first back-view pic is of Sue's Glentrekker. Sue was one of the test knitters for this sweater. She says it fits great and she plans to wear it a lot! She knit it with alpaca.

photo credit: krissy1401
Another of our testers, Kristiane, worked her Glentrekker in a beautiful shade of grey. Boy, does it show off the cables!

photo credit: needletime
Look at this great glamour shot of needletime's Glentrekker made with Bare Naked Wool's Breakfast Blend DK. She says in her notes that it grew with blocking, but that she likes how it ended up.

photo credit: somebunnyslove
Here's the now-famous picture of Kimberly's Glentrekker for the test knit. Famous? Because of her little peach peeking at us from the background! Kimberly knit her Glentrekker in Dale Garn Falk, and it looks so cozy and gorgeous!

photo credit: tangledude 
This is Tammy and she looks so happy because her husband Stephen knit this Glentrekker for her! Stephen played along in our knitalong and was a treat. He made this one with Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool Worsted and it took him almost a year because of setbacks and timeouts. Real life, right? It's so rich and beautiful!

photo credit: woolpoetry
Here's another test knit by Katharina in a lovely purple wool. She chose to make regular buttonholes instead of the crocheted button loops suggested in the pattern. That is an option!

If you want a cable party, knit the Glentrekker Cardigan. As you can see from these great pictures, it's full of them!