Thursday, February 11, 2010

18 remaining!

Finally watched Bright Star last night with Fred and Natalie, and I am smitten. I'll be buying this movie. It's simply beautiful. I was already sure I wanted to see it, because I have a painfully sweet connection with John Keats' poetry and biography, having done a grad school paper on Ode to a Nightingale. Never mind that the paper was ill-received by the rude professor giving the Romantic Lit course, as he was hell-bent on making us all look like fools. I still enjoyed studying the torturingly tragic story of Mr. Keats' life. This movie made me weep, even though, as Natalie said, I knew how it would end.
So, last night I had to take this old friend to bed. I just might read it all.

And, hey! I'm knitting lace weight yarn! Something I have told people I would not do. I am also on a hunt. See the tiny stitch marker? It's a little rubber ring, my favorite type of stitch marker, and you cannot find ones this small. I needed something to mark off a rib insert I am working into this ostrich plumes lace, and I remembered a little sample package I was given at a trade show a couple of years ago by Laura Crowley of Knitifacts. The little package had 4-5 onesies of different size rubber bumpers, as she calls them. I need a pack of the "bitty bumpers" she makes. I see on her site that she is supposedly in three online shops, but checking those got me nowhere. I plan to query a couple of folks with booths at Madrona market.
And now I need to get out of the jammies and be ready for Shirley to come by for her sock draft and yarn, and to process a couple of pattern orders, get those sent off (as well as Stormy's yarn and test draft), and to complete a cashmere mitt.
I am also brainstorming about goodies and fun to offer up for you guys starting March 1. More details to come. Stick with me--you'll be glad you did!


Emily said...

I have this movie at home right now from netflix, I think I'll watch it tomorrow, since I guess I can't really "play" in the snow! That lace looks beautiful.

fig said...

Snow? What snow?? (Thanks)