Friday, February 12, 2010

17 til what?

What is this countdown about anyway? Well, two weeks from Monday, I'll tell you a whole lot more. Just know for now that there will be prizes, and new stuff, and a freebie, and general celebration.

Progress update: Two more edits away from three new Figheadh patterns; five tests, six edits, three drafts, and two-and-a-half sample knits away from seven other new patterns. I'm also working on four other patterns. It's a good thing most of these are accessories. If they were all sweaters I'd be in tears right now!

I just got my second cup of coffee (of the afternoon coffees, that is), it's coming down quite a shower outside, and I'm about to delve into the second sock of a pair and the second mitt of a pair. Here's to seconds!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis! You're making me dizzy! I'm on my second cuppa as well.