Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You saw my evil twin...

...or evidence of her. I don't know how she got my log-on info and posted all that stuff about my old craft projects. I try to keep that information from her. You know I don't have time to do any of those things!

Right now I am making another
Ciaran sample, which will go to Sarah.

(That's Cascade 220 in color #8010.)

And a men's sweater design that's just writhing with cables! This is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in color #126, Highland. It looks a little skinny and drawn up right now, but wait til I'm done.
I am past the middle of the first sleeve. A sleeve and a half or so to go! This is the back--the front has another cable combination. I can show you very soon!

Isn't it funny how hand knitted sweaters are like newborns, emerging from the womb? At first they're all wrinkly and misshapen, and you wonder where is the beautiful new being you envisioned? Then they get all washed up and measured and pampered and most times, are even more beautiful than you dreamed. Hurray for the wet block!

I hope your week is good. Let me hear from ya!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sew Crafty Part Deux

Okay, more crafts! Gosh, blogger let me get away with major photo-loading this time. What's up?
Good old filet crochet...

...some counted cross stitch on a sweatshirt for Natalie when she was a wee tot.

The barest of beginning of a crochet blankie. I really wish I could finish this...I think it would be pretty. I still have all the yarn for it.

We'll see.

Oh, and you know there's some knitting in this bunch!

A jacquard sweater--the whole back done! And I still have the pattern for it in an old (1986!) Fancy That magazine. Anyone have any of these lying around? It was a Taxi Publishing mag.

Anyway, this was to be a cardigan for my oldest when she was about 6, and now she's 26! Sheesh.

This one I do not have the pattern for any longer, apparently. A beautiful little vest with some wool/mohair yarn in rose. I examined the back and determined the stitch count & stitch pattern and started a front for the poor thing. I think I got it pretty close. It was supposed to be a button-up, if I remember correctly (because this is also from the 80's!), but I am going to make it a round, scoopy neck--no buttons. That way, if it's a tad too small for me now, I can still wear it.

And last, but certainly not least, a little 1 x 1 rib scarf I am determined to finish. It is fingering weight wool on size 0 needles. The ones I had it on were old Susan Bates aluminum, bent pitifully, so I put it on the only other 0's I had--a couple of Skacel steel dpn's. Poked the thingys on the end and here I go!

I have carried this stuff around for 20 some odd years, through four moves and all of life's changes, but still they all wait--never changing, always ready for me to pick them back up and pay them some attention. This is not all, either. I just figured I'd better stop and give you a break.

I had fun, how 'bout you? Uh-oh, I hear that dumb cheer...but more like, "I got crafts, how 'bout you?" Hmmm?

She's Sew Crafty!

Sometimes when the thing you spend most of your time on takes a hit, you need to stand back and get some perspective--remember who you are, where you came from, all that jazz.

I needed some creative nurturing, so I got into my boxes of old crafts. You've got some, too, I'll bet. UnFinished Objects (UFO's--some people who read here may not familiar with our lingo--like some of my family members) you've carried around for years for one reason or another. Here are just a few of mine.

I have had this Vogart crewelwork kit for about 20 years. I just can't abandon all those hundreds of split stitches & such. I think I'll do some now and then--variety is the spice.

A smocking practice piece, which resulted in this...

The one and only smocked item I did--a baby dress for my first-born. I might do the French hand sewing involved again sometime, and maybe smocking on some knitting, but not in this context.

Then there's the whole tiny crochet thing. I was crocheting doilies in my 20's. Just like knitting, it's not just for grannies. I am trying to finish this little medallion, but I can't figure out which thread I used...none seem to match. I figured out the stitches, though!

Well, blogger seems to have decided enuff's enuff! I'll do this in two (or more) parts. In the meantime, show me your old crafts! Leave a comment if you do, so I'll go and have a look.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Purple & Green

That seems to be my obsession lately. I decided to call a meeting of WIP's & UFO's and take stock.

Uh-oh. I have indeed been leaning toward a whole lotta purple & green. How can I help myself. I love it!

If purple means intuition & green is new birth, then that's all good, huh?

Incidentally, the big green cabley thing on the right is what has been taking time lately--why no posting (that, and subbing is back). It is sample #2 of a new design/pattern soon to come. Oh, it's cablicious alrighty.

to redeem myself in the color world, I have been leaning blue, too. A little.

Yes, that's a whole finished sock at the top--a new design using DMC Senso. You see some boucle, some Cascade 220, some good old Regia, some Australian wool (yeah, that's all it said on the label) and some Patons SWS that I got at Michael's to try out something. I am thinking felted crochet something.

Well, as is obvious by my piling all my little swatchies and partials on the bed--I am having to make myself stay on task with the cable sample. I wish I could play!

What I really want is one uninterrupted month just to make up new cable stitch patterns. Just give me some Patons Classic Merino, some size 8 needles and some graph paper and I could have me some fun.

Okay, that was a nice little fantasy. Now back to work.