Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Top-Down Hat

...among other things. Boy, you know, you just go about your business and the next thing you know, ten days whisk by without a sound. I've been turning out FO's and getting my house in order. Once school starts (Sept. 5), time will be precious.

rst, the hat.
I've seen a few of these around, but I wanted to make another hat with the one skein of Noro Silk Garden that I had left from making the moebius scarf & matching hat that I gave to my mom. I loved wearing that hat around on bad-hair days. I promise this is a new one, even though it looks just like
the other one. I love how each little purl ridge is a different color. I just made this up as I went along, to go with the scarf. I'll share the directions with you next time.

Also, my lonely frog-green McGuinness has its mate--see how they love one another! They are so happy. (No, Twig, it has nothing to do with beer. Read
here for an explanation.)

I've been spending a curious lot of time with this color lately. Why?

As for WIP's, I am giving Woodsy Baby a major makeover. A customer alerted me to a math error, and once I looked it over, I decided it needed more than just a math correction. This was one of my earliest patterns, and it didn't even have a schematic, for Pete's sake! Also, the hat instructions only included one size. Now it will have three sizes. I am making this one up with some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted that I had. I like it!

Good news! I received another real live contract, so I can crow to you. Around Halloween, be sure to look in Cast On magazine for two of my designs--a sweater and a pair of gloves. If you don't belong to TKGA and do not receive Cast On, never fear--you know I will show it to you right here at figknits. Actually, some of you will probably see it before I do--it seems to take a while for me to get my copy.

That's it for now. I'd better get crackin'!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Better now

After changing the bed linens, washing some curtains, and putting out the slug pool, I'm feeling much better thanks. Amazing what a little light housekeeping will do for your spirits. It looks like Twig and I were the only ones either feeling grumpy or willing to voice it. It also helps to have a fellow griper to sound off with ya. Never be afraid to get a little grumpiness out of your system--it's so refreshing!

Another thing making me feel better is an FO. Here she is taking her lit
tle bath...

and blocke

I just have a thing for striped cables. I love the way the cable just runs on through the stripes--the way the cable looks different in the different colors. You'll hear more about this one later. At this point, only Andrea knows what it is. Hey, look, Andrea, I finally finished! Yeah, this one was a really long time in the making. I've shown it languishing in its basket a few times on this very blog. In a couple of weeks, it will be published! Wahooey!

Now on to the second McGuinness sock. I wish you FO's of your own!


Friday, August 18, 2006

If only my name were Oscar

I usually don't post when I'm grumpy. If you've stopped by, you deserve to see and hear something fun & uplifting. Life has its grumpy days, however, and if you're gonna get me, you need to get all of me.

I'm grumpy with people speeding through my neighborhood. I'm grumpy that people think they can just get in your car in your carport in the middle of the night and rummage through your stuff. I'm grumpy that you can't even leave your knitting in your car and believe it to be safe (Yeah, guard your knitting--this happened to a customer of one of my wholesale customers. I knew knitting was hot, but gee whiz.) I'm grumpy with people who insist on expressing themselves publicly with spray paint. I'm grumpy that these same 20 pounds keep returning to visit me, no matter what I do (so why not find a Sonic and get some tater tots!).

And most of all, I am grumpy with this guy.

I know he is a living, breathing citizen of earth, just as I. However.

Look at what he (and his foreslimer, as it were) have done to my marigolds.

...and my salvia. Yeah, you can't even recognize the salvia anymore. They don't bother with the other plants, the geraniums, the impatiens, the begonias. Just these two plants.

Slugs are major pests here. I hate to kill any living creature, but I unfortunately salted this guy's foreslimer last weekend. Oh, I am still having nightmares about that. We did it when we were mean little kids. "Hey, there's a slug--get the salt! Hee, hee, hee." I turned into that mean little kid for a second and the next morning I got to see a truly hideous sight--a length of snail goo hanging from the side of the marigold pot all the way to the ground. I completely goo-ized the slug. Awful.

I have tried the beer thing before, and perhaps it's time to try again. I'll get some O'Doul's (Because nonalcoholic is best? Don't ask me.) Apparently, slugs love the brew. I'll set up my little slug pub and let them drown themselves happily. No more salt for me!

I am NOT grumpy at my knitting, however, so I will spend my day with it. Oh, and if you're grumpy about something today, let me hear about it. Grumpy loves company.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Greetings from the Sweatshop

Actually, a little less of a sweatshop now. Last week I sent off a major project--a month (or more) long project compressed into 2 weeks, and yesterday I sent off another, which was a redo. I won't go into that. Let's just say that I am enjoying a much-needed break from projects for other publishers and can get back to Figheadh!

I have 7 new designs that just need final edits and photos and I can publish! We have 4 sweaters, 2 hat & scarf combos, and a baby set (bunting, cap, & blanket) that I plan to have ready by the end of the month. Of course, I'll be crowing about them soon. This week I am working on the edits and 5 samples for either soon-to-be or already published patterns.

That's not to mention 20 more patterns I have to get ready to have tested/edited very soon. Only 4 of those have the samples done, 9 samples are started (3 socks, 3 rugs, 2 women's sweaters, 2 lace tops , & a tea cozy) and the rest are planned, materials ready. I need some knitting faeries! No, that's not true--I like to do it all myself. With the designs I publish myself on the site, I like to do samples either as I write or before, taking notes as I go. I like to have a sample to show my testers. However, if they were true tests, I would ask the testers to knit straight from the pattern to be sure the result would be as intended without the visual. I'm learning!

Hey, "Anonymous"! It's good to hear from a Tacoma knitter. As I said, I feel kind of alone here. As for your comment about the Cascade Sierra, I'll flash a pic of the entire Sierra stash, all "caked" up and ready to go.

There are about 12-13 of each color--plenty for a project with each color, but I want to do a slip-stitch color thing with the sage green and gun metal grey. I think they look lovely together. Anonymous, the grey is what I got half-priced at Artco. It lay around in the sale bin for eons before I finally decided I could use it. The rest, I paid full price. They had it for awhile, but as mysteriously as the Noro & the Eco Wool, they have seen no need to replace it. Lots of novelty yarn, though--makes my eyes hurt when I go in there. I am banning myself from the place for a while, though. My stash budget is drying up for the moment. Must be good. (Dadgummit!)

Okay, I'd best get busy. I am cherishing these last couple of weeks before school starts (Sept. 5), having whole days to spend with the yarny biz. Yesterday I got out all three of the school calendars and marked all the off days/holidays. Getting geared up.

Next post I want to ask about some gardening issues, and of course, there will always be knitting news.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Climbing Out

When I started this blog near the end of last year I had no idea I would be kidnapped by my knitting and not be able to blog regularly! I had no idea I was going to get into the freelance designing thing and have to go for weeks with no time to post. No time to do lots of things I enjoy--but I am not complaining! I am glad it turned out this way. But since I've been so silent lately, there's lots to tell!

First of all, my recently UGA-graduated daughter started her new job this past Thursday as a professional interior designer for a very prestigious architecture firm in Atlanta! Yea for Natalie! Get this--she got this job from her first and only interview. Yup. She sent out a few other portfolios and resumes and was all ready to have to spend a lot of time & effort on the job search, but she is a charmed girl...not to mention smart and talented. That's my girl! I am so proud.

Also, it's semi-official. I will most likely have a design published in the March 2007 Creative Knitting issue! Yea! I don't like to say anything until I've signed a contract, and even then they can still decide not to publish it, but we'll see! I have 7 other designs being published and when I can, I'll tell you about those, too.

At the risk of having my mom jump through cyberspace and strangle me (she offered to come through the phone lines one day last week and do so because I told her the weather was cool here--she lives near Atlanta), I spent some lovely time on our patio this afternoon actually knitting with wool! In August! I love it here.

Here is some Rowan Cotton Glace in color #809 and a sweet little lace pattern. Betcha can't guess what it's gonna be. This stuff is twisting worse than Chubby Checker, I'll tell ya that much!Kinda driving me nuts. Good thing it's so pretty, or I'd have to throw it across the yard!

I've also cast on for a sweater design with this Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in Desert Night. Yep, part of my famous Artco-acquired stash. This works up like a cloud. Pure pleasure. It really is a shame they discontinued it. If you can find some, grab it up.

This is one of the last pair of socks I finished, and I just wanted to show the strange pooling. Both knit toe-up, but completely different effect on each foot. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Forest. I tried out a little k/p pattern on these. Each part is a little different--each foot and each leg. My little science experiment.

I'll leave you for now with this little lace crown in Cascade Sierra. Earlier in the summer, when I
actually had some time between projects, I swatched for a couple of little summer tops. I think they won't be seen until next spring at this rate, but that's okay! I'll never, I mean, never run out of knitting fun.

Hope you're having fun with yours!

See ya later, alligator!