Sunday, February 21, 2010


Happy Sunday to you all! I'm back for the third day in my quest to give away yarn. At this point, I have one qualifier who needs to complete one more part of the bargain (download a headband) and another who has completed all the steps except to tell me which yarn she wanted--day 10's or day 9's. Let me know, folks!

To clarify, I need for you yarn-wishers to 1. comment accordingly, 2. purchase a Cableology II Headband, proceeds going to Red Cross for Haiti relief (buy button in my sidebar->>>>), and 3. be a knitter, as evidenced by your Ravelry page or otherwise. One skein per wisher, please.

Today's yarn offering is a Sunday kind of yarn, for sure. Malabrigo Worsted in Applewood. Yes, a part of my most recent Malabrigo acquisition! It hurts me to let it go, but that's how much I like you guys.

Who wants it?

Today we are going for a walk, making a frittata, working on new Web sites, working on sock designs (well, that's just me), photographing some pattern samples, trying to finish a second sock (just me again), crocheting with some giant thick-n-thin yarn (me), and enjoying some record mid-winter sunshine that's predicted to stay with us until Wednesday.

Shining boldly on our crocuses.
Have a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow with more yarny goodness!

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Kelli said...

love, Love, LOVE this yarn! :)