Saturday, February 06, 2010

24 to go

I have a good excuse for not posting early today. Had to go at 7:30 A.M. for a recheck at the mammagram joint. That's not giving it good props at all, though, because the Carol Milgard Breast Center here in Tacoma is too fabulous. I mean that place is fancy. No worries. We're good. Doc said, "See you in a year," so I am thrilled!
Directly afterwards Nat and I had a date for oil changes. Pulled in to Jiffy Lube, told them we were together but going Dutch, each got offers for extra services (as always) and I only accepted two and Nat shunned them all! Go girl! For a little back pat we went for bagels and hot drinks (she, coffee; me, chai) and then went our separate work ways.
On to the P.O. for me to check the box for checks (two, thanks) and to try my darnedest to ignore the LaRouche people set up outside who have the nerve to heckle you as you're just minding your own business. I want to rip down the poster they display of our president with a Hitler mustache, but it's a free country. Just stop yelling your stuff at me, please.
Back home to do some Quickbooks updates and read e-mail and finally here I am, ready to do some pattern tweaking and try to send the last spring Figheadh pattern draft to my illustrious editors, Meredith and Tracey (love them!)
The main gist of my post today was to be a confession. I am a two-timer. No, I am true to one man (the Fred), but I am in love with two crafts. When I'm knitting I love it best, and when I'm crocheting, I love it best. Happily, I'm getting to crochet and knit these days.

These are bits of designs I'm working on with Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering (top two pieces) and Schaefer Esperanza. The fingering yarn has the sweetest twist of any yarn I know and the bulky yarn is 70/30 wool/alpaca and luscious.
When I'm crocheting with fingering weight yarn, it's usually with this ChiaoGoo (which means "crafty lady") hook. The very nice ChiaoGoo folks gave it to me at a trade show a couple of years ago and I can't find any more to buy! It feels dangerous, because I love this little bamboo-handled thing too much and it's the only one I have. What happens if it gets lost or broken? I want every size! I see they just added larger sizes. I'm getting behind, folks.
Okay, today's list includes doing the pattern tweaks, putting a heel in the sock design in progress, figuring out the crown decrease on the crochet hat design, writing up a couple of the new patterns for the March 1 release so I can hand them off to the testers, and figuring out how much more yarn I have to buy for our big April event. More on that later!
Talk to you tomorrow!


Sydney said...

I got a pair of size 8 ChiaoGoo knitting needles that are also awesome, and like you, haven't been able to find more of them anywhere!

Jen Hagan said...

I know! I don't know why more shops don't carry these needles. They are awesome. I have pinged one of my sales reps who also reps these needles and hooks. I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Hold on....

La Rue said...

WHEW, I get tired just reading about your day. Yippee for the good mam results. Keep going girl, you can do it.

Anonymous said...
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Jen Hagan said...

Thanks, and for the rest of you, English only, please! :-)