Friday, February 19, 2010


We're down to the final 10 days of the countdown! I want to make this more interesting.
I have never done a giveaway on my blog, although I've been pondering it for quite some time. What better time than now? Here are the details. As I've been hinting, I've got a present coming for you on March 1. It will be announced along with showing you our new site on that day. The giveaway I'm about to kick off necessitates telling you just a bit more about the March 1 gift. It's a fun little knitting pattern, it's got cables, and you wear it on your hands. What I thought would be neat is to reward all you folks (hopefully at least 10 of you) who've been kinda following along with me this month. I want to give you some yarn to make the freebie coming at ya in 10 days! Starting today, I will post a skein of yarn from my personal stash (some of my most favorites--no slouches) every day for the next ten days and it will go to one of you!
Of course, there are conditions.
  • You must be a knitter, as evidenced by giving me your Ravelry name or some other way to see your work.
  • You must be the first commenter on the post and just tell us why you want the particular yarn du jour. And please use the yarn for the pattern I'm giving you on March 1. I want pictures! Oh, and one skein per person, please--let's share the love.
  • This is only fair. You must help me donate to Red Cross for Haiti relief by clicking on the button in my sidebar and purchasing a Cableology Headband pattern for only $2! We have thus far only raised $10 and that's just dismal. Come on, people, you gotta help me! (Thanks.)

Yes, I think all that is only fair. I'm offering up some of my most precious yarn babies (you'll see), so it'll definitely be worth it!

Okay, let's get started!

I have here one of my most favorite yarns of all time--Cascade 220 Heathers. This is a lovely oatmeal color, and it's twice as much yarn as you need for the project.
Comment away!


Rzimmerman said...

Can I really be the first commenter?...comentater? I think this is a lovely thing you are doing and I think the yarn looks yummy and I will donate/buy when I figure out paypal... is that enough? Oh and I am on ravelry as rzimmerman

Julie said...

Boy, I thought I was busy, but you're running circles around me, Jen! So nice of you to do this while getting ready to release new patterns as well. Even a good night's sleep wouldn't make me as productive as you are!

La Rue said...

If only I could knit!! That is a beautiful skein and I would love to have it. But alas, your skills do not work backward up the gene trail. Keep going, you are doing an amazing job. Love you....

HavetoomuchYarn said...

Wow, posting on your blogg every day is quite a feat. While having a life too :)

Looking forward to the mystery March project!