Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Recap

Hey! Who swiped November? Me and the blog had kissed and made up and I had all these great posts in my head and then *poof* it's December tomorrow? I don't understand the lightening ninja concept of the passage of time--even after all these years. Before you know it, I'll be 98 and barely able to move and still I'll be saying, "Where'd the time go?"

Waaaaay back at the end of October/first of November, I taught a couple of classes. I haven't taught much in the past year so I could take time for other things, but when I do teach I remember how good it is to mingle with knitters. I had a great time doing just that with Barbara, Jerrilee, Briana, and Pat (seen below) at The Yarn Stash in Burien, WA. Bonnie and Beth let me come to their cozy shop and begin Hyacinth Neck Cozies with these ladies. Unfortunately, we had to start with the gauge swatch, which took most of our time, but I hope all four of them go on to knit up Hyacinths. You can do it!
Then Audrey, Pam (in picture below), Mary and I got together to do something really crazy--knit gloves from both directions and join them in the middle. Yep. We started with a cuff, made some fingers top down, went back to the cuff and knit the thumb gusset, joined the fingers into one piece and knit it down to where we could graft the whole thing together. Audrey and Pam got all the way to the grafting part in class! Bravo, Ladies!! Thanks to Yorkshire Yarns for giving us a quiet room to perform these knitting gymnastical techniques.
The best part of the whole month, by far, was our trip down south to see the grandkids. We had a precious couple of days to see the new twins (now seven months old), Malcolm and Lucy, and we even got to pal around with Preston and Declan. Boy was it hard to get all six of us to look at the camera at once. This was about the best we could do.

I was even able to get Mal and Lulu to model some Figheadh hats for me. This is just a peek at what's coming. This picture pretty much perfectly illustrates the babies' personalities. Malcolm is all business and his every step of learning is intensely focused and serious, especially when eating. He is a sweet boy! Lucy is the most laid-back and low-key baby I have ever spent time with. She just looks at all the rest of us as if to say, "Hey, what're you worried about? It's allllll good."

I'll be back next time with details about four new Figheadh hat patterns that are finally ready. But I know you're not reading anymore anyway. You're looking at those beautiful babies and those handsome boys up there (and that includes Fred.) I don't blame you!