Friday, February 08, 2008

Sock Goodies & New Yarns

Howdy Folks! I have some fun to show you. As you can probably tell, I took this picture of one of a pair of Seagull Socks I made for Yorkshire Yarns in Claudia Handpaint Strawberry Latte with my new toy--my Motorola Razr. I like the camera in my phone better than my digicam, because it's so easy to send to e-mail.
While I loved working with this yarn, because it's luscious, it hides the cables. We forgive it because it makes us think of neopolitan ice cream and Brach's candy. It is lying atop some new yarn that I will tell you about at the very end. Yes, you must wait if you are curious (or if you are of the type who reads the last page of a novel before you're done, or who eats dessert first, etc.)

Now, here, I feel, is the very best Seagull ever (and I have made seven now)--I present to you a Seagull Sock made with Cascade Yarns' new Heritage Sock Yarn! I worked these on size 1 dpn's and loved every minute of it. This yarn is superfine and is of wonderful quality. They have 17 solids or so and 4 hand paints. I will be showing you more of the colors, because I am knitting up more of my sock designs with this yarn, including four new ones coming very soon. Purty, huh?

I have also acquired some new sock tools, like these Loopy Ewe sock blockers. I have been yearning for some real wood sock blockers, so when I found out that Loopy Ewe was selling theirs one at a time, I jumped. I got all three sizes. I don't need a pair, so this was just right. I also got one of the plastic ones for good measure. They work great, folks! I have a little S-hook and I hang it overnight and they are dried and perfect by morning.

Another thing I've been wanting to try for a couple of years now is Twin Birch needles. I love that they are made by a craftsman with a small business in North Carolina. I bought some dpn's, a crochet hook, one each of their knitting needle pins and crochet hook pins, and the owner even made me two special sets of cable needles. (They are the little ones beneath the TBP tag.) I have been searching high and low for cable needles to use for sock and glove knitting. The ones already produced are both too long and too thick to easily use on small projects. I e-mailed Lisa at Twin Birch and she referred me to her husband Karl, the needle and hook crafsman. Well, what do you know, he made me some teeny-tiny needles that look like the nicest toothpicks you've ever seen, but that will be perfect for socks and gloves! I haven't been able to use them yet, because (gasp) I'm not working any cables at the moment. However, my next post will probably report on their fantasticness. Tune in! Thank you, Lisa and Karl!
And now I leave you with this shot of my present project. I will be spending today and the rest of the weekend knocking out a Mairi Zip Hoodie with the new Cascade Yarns Greenland, 100% Merino Superwash in color 3508. I am getting perfect worsted weight gauge with this fine, smooth, sturdy yarn. I think this yarn would be perfect for all outerwear, blankets, pillows, kid wear, etc. I am going to wash a swatch and see what happens. Stay tuned to that, too.
Oh, and if you are anywhere near Burien in the next couple of weeks, stop by The Yarn Stash and see the Figheadh trunk show. There 26 items there on display. Also, the lovely ladies there would love to have you!
P.S. Thanks to everyone at the Yarn Stash for the fun class last Sunday. Fred and I loved being there. We look forward to the next class day on February 24!