Thursday, February 25, 2010


Folks! Guess what! We have two more winners! Now you guys are really playing nicely.
Kelli wins the Malabrigo from Sunday, and Sue wins the Silkie from yesterday!
Thanks so much!

Today it's good old Cascade 220 Superwash! Not just any but one of my favorite colors. I don't think you can see it in this picture, but it's a beautiful brown with rust flecks. This'll make some great mitts! I used this yarn to make three different pairs of the Treehuggers--red, spring green, and rust.

Let me know if you want it to be your own by commenting thusly, clicking on the "buy now" over in the right sidebar to purchase the Cableology Headband, all the profits of which will go to the Red Cross for Haiti relief, and by showing me your knitting on Ravelry or some such.

Whew! What a day we've had. Shipping out patterns, taking photographs, tasting yummies at The Old House Cafe, making Excel charts, making pricing spreadsheets, packaging up free yarn, etc.

Here's a peek at some of Natalie's lovely photography from today.

See you tomorrow with more free yarn!

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