Thursday, May 01, 2014

Crocheted Boxed Spring Cozies!

Happy May Day!

When last I saw you, I was about halfway done with the grandtwins' fourth birthday project. Since then, I have completed them and they are in their new home! Let's take a look at how that happened.
I made two sets of 21 nine-inch granny squares. Lucy's on the left was made with two rounds of each color bordered by two rounds of white. Malcolm's on the right was made by changing color every round and putting in more dark colors. I loved both ways!
I found two twin fitted sheets--not easy as they are mostly sold in sets nowadays. I found these at Fred Meyer. They were the deep sort, so you can see that I ran a quarter-inch tuck all around the top edge to shorten the sides. I wanted these things to fit the best I could without causing my daughter a bunch of headache. Gifts should not come with fussiness. 

I have no twin beds in my house, so I had to stretch each one out on my dining room table to check that all my hand-basting was complete. At first I tried stretching half the sheet out onto our double bed, as they are the same length, at least. That was proving to be too much trouble, so I stretched each one over a big stuffed ottoman that we have--easy to secure with pins as I worked a section at a time.

These pieces will only need to be machine washed on delicate and hung to dry when they get dirty. I did use wool, though, so they will never go into the dryer. I find that wool is just easier to work with on such a large project. It is flexible and doesn't cause strain in my hands as much as cotton does.

Also, since I only basted, these suckers will be easy to reformat later. All we will need to do is turn them wrong side out, snip the threads, and take the squares apart. Then they can reshaped into an afghan. Nice!

That is, if they survive this toddler room and all its frolic! Isn't it cute? I love the bunting, and see the little quilts? My awesome sister made them a couple of years ago. 
My daughter is in the process of redesigning over the permanent marker toddler art on the wall that you see creeping in on the left. It had its run on show--time for something new, right? 
(What is it with toddlers and Sharpies?)

I am so pleased that this project worked so well. Look how perfectly it enhances Lucy's bed frame!
I love it.

I would suggest that if you choose to do this project that you give yourself lots of pleasurable hours. It's fun to play with the colors!

Yarns: Cascade 220, Patons Classic Wool, Lion Brand Lion Wool
Bottom two pictures taken by my daughter Emily.