Friday, June 10, 2016

Merripog & Friends!

I call this the Grellow Group. They use a grellow combo made up of dark, smoky grey and vibrant yellow. The lovely colors, Montauk Monster and Oleander Nymph, are a credit to the very-much-missed Cephalopod Yarns. This is their much-loved Skinny Bugga! (exclamation theirs...well, mine, too!) which you can now grab from The Verdant Gryphon. It looks like their Straw Into Gold and Charcoal Sketch would be similar color ways.

Here's how the Grellow Group came together.

Back in 2012 when I finished the Figheadh Merripog Socks (above on the left), I had a lot of yarn left over. Pretty quickly, I cast on some simple, stripey socks with the same two yarns. The construction of the second pair was the same as the Merripogs--afterthought heel and minimal 2/2 ribbed cuff--but this time I worked toe-up. 

I say I cast on that second pair pretty quickly, but I did not finish quickly at all. I got about two inches up on the first sock and away it went into a project bag to languish until a couple of months ago. Spurred on by my recent Scrappy Sock adventures and having found it among my WIPs, I became determined to finish. 

Then as soon as I finished the stripey socks, I weighed the leftover leftovers and found that I had enough for a third pair! Yea! I cast on quickly (again), but this time I stuck to the task and finished the third pair in just a couple of weeks. As you can see, they have grey toes, heels, and ribbing like the second pair, and they are toe-up as well. However, instead of an afterthought heel, they have the Fish Lips Kiss heel. (I am currently smitten with it and now have it memorized) and they stay yellow on the foot and leg. I wanted to see that yellow on its own for a good bit. It does shift hues ever so nicely.

Now even after three pairs, I have about 63 yards total remaining, with more of it being grey. What shall I do with it? Make some tiny, stuffed bumble bees? Make some tiny bee-striped socks for ornaments? Add them both to my sock yarn scrap bin? We'll see. What I do know is that the sock knitting is back with a vengeance, especially scrappy sock knitting!