Thursday, February 18, 2010

11 & Yarn Heaven

Prepare yourself. Yarn beauty coming!
Part of the plan I'm working on involves making up some knitting and crochet kits, so I've been amassing some of my favorite yarns to pair with my patterns. I got a box of Pagewood Farm yesterday from Chuck and Robin.

I know! It's almost more than the eyes can take. Like trying to look at a newborn puppy without wellin' up. (And yes, that is sunshine peeking between the blinds and shining onto the table. It's not raining here--POW--sound of myth exploding.)

Here be Chugiak in (clockwise from upper right) Maple Leaf, Denim, Purple, and Teal.

The much-too-lovely Aleyeska in Misty, River Rock, Daffodils, and Pretty Pastels. It has a bit of cashmere. Funny how little cashmere it takes to completely change the texture of a yarn. Kinda like adding milk to coffee.

Glacier Bay in Really Red, Mocha, Seabreeze, and Lilac.
I hope you've enjoyed today's yarn show. Soon I'll show you some of that Aleyeska knitted up. Making it into a cake momentarily!

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La Rue said...

Beautiful colors. Keep me in mind for any remnants. Love you....