Monday, February 08, 2010


That's three weeks! Okay, I can do this. Breathe.....
I know what'll help. A Malabrigo fix!

I couldn't help it. Little Knits is having a sale and it's hard to get this stuff. Believe me, there is no softer yarn. There couldn't be. If it were any softer it would be air, and you can't knit with air, now, can ya? As you can see, I found three beautiful colors of the worsted (Applewood, Vetiver, and Blue Surf), a hank of the Twist in Tuareg to try, a hank of the Silky Merino in Redwood Bark, also to try, and a sweet Creamy Natural in the Sock. That last one will be a pair of lace socks soon, I betcha.
Go and get some if you're a Malabrigo fan like I am. Unbelievably, Sue at Little Knits actually has some left! (Well, I guess that wasn't very smart--I just lost most of my readers. Maybe they'll come back after some yarn shopping.)
I haven't just been buying yarn, but also organizing it. A while ago I started keeping a lot of my yarn supply in these cubes. I wanted the yarn to be able to breathe and I wanted to be able to see what I had.

See how there's some space in the cubies now? Well, because in addition to what you see here, I had a bunch of plastic bins (like the ones you can see in the foreground above holding inventory) in the closet crammed with yarn. That's before I finally thought to try some sweater organizers. I love them! I was actually able to make some room in the cubes by moving some to the closet.

The boxes underneath are trunk show samples, and the yarn in the sweater thingys is all earmarked for upcoming projects for samples of future designs. You see lots of Cascade and some Schaefer, and some Pagewood Farm. So much lovely work to do. I love my job, folks.
And what have you gotten done in the way of jobness, Jen? Well, today I finished the crochet hat and mitt sample and now I can write that one up, I got past the toe on the lace sock design (ya know, the one I messed up the heel on the first go 'round), I had a great phone convo with Diane and did some networking, I finally made it over to the tax lady's office and picked up my 1096/1099 forms and paid the bill for filing 4th quarter 2009, and I answered a few e-mails, mostly about Figheadh orders. Now I am about to get busy finishing up the line-by-line instruction on the lace and cable wrap so I can get it to Stormy to test. After that I'll work on the lace sock more, because I have to figure out a really great cuff for it (hang on, Shirley!), and then it'll be time for dinner (split pea soup with ham) after which I'll be knitting on the second sample of the new Lo Shu wrap made with Cascade Indulgence until bedtime.
Sounds like a good Monday. I hope yours is going well, too!


Kelli said...

ooooooh pretty!

Emily said...

Wow that organization is super impressive. Love it!