Tuesday, November 28, 2006

XL Weekend

We had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday...and we're still having it! This started last night...

...and it's here to stay for a while. The temperatures promise not much more than freezing all day, the roads are icy, and we're staying put! (See how folks love to do doughnuts in our intersection--if only we had a roundabout!)

Our holiday started last Wednesday. Fred took the day off, and since school was only half-day, I took the day off, too. This gave us the opportunity to shop for turkey and such before the crowds got to the store. We always buy a fresh turkey--not frozen--so the shopping must be done no earlier than day before T-day. I wanted to get a free-range bird, but, honestly, they were just too scrawny! Athletic turkeys, they are. For your once-a-year important bird, plump and juicy is a must. Here's our little Thanksgiving dinner for two. The T, stuffing (not cooked inside the turkey--onions & celery go in there), green beans, a modest sweet po casserole, fresh cranberry sauce, green salad, rolls, turkey gravy, and white wine. It was simply divine.

Only the turkey was largish, so that there be plenty for soups and sandwiches! For me, white meat on black Russian rye with mayo, yellow mustard, and Worcestershire; for Fred, nine grain, white meat, brown mustard, mayo, and black pepper. How do you like your leftover turkey sandwich?

After dinner, we started a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. We did this over Christmas break last year, but I think it may become a Thanksgiving tradition. We have the extended version, so it takes a good, long while. It's so much fun to watch all in succession. It always makes me want to read the book again, though. We went to bed Sunday night with Tolkein books--Fred had The Hobbit, and I had The Silmarillion. I want the back story. Who's really who and all. Also, I had to get out the big book and check some facts. Facts like, why is Denethor so completely off his nut? Ah, checking the text, I am reminded that there were Seven Seeing Stones. Saruman was not the only one with a palantir. Denethor also had one, and since they are all direct channels for Sauron to corrupt minds and ruin lives and fates, it's no wonder old Den ends up pouring oil all over his miserable self and almost torches Faramir along with dear old dad. I just love this stuff!

Carrying on with the account of our weekend, we had our first fire of the year on Friday, had a new mattress and box springs delivered on Saturday, woke up (after a wonderful night's sleep on the new bed) to a light snow on Sunday morning, and took a good walk on the waterfront (four miles) later in the day. The snow melted as the day went on, so Fred went in to work yesterday. Not I. I stayed home and worked on projects and took care of personal business, like making a doctor appointment (routine--no worries) and catching up on email. I was scheduled to sub for a middle school art teacher for the rest of the week, when, lo and behold the weather has given me another day off! That means I've been home for a whole week. Bliss.

As for knitting, I've been working with some Katia "Scotch" and a sweater sample in 2/2 rib. It's for a future book by a super-cool author, so I won't be able to show. The Scotch sample is actually a prototype. The actual sample will be with Cascade 220. But I will also be swatching with some Patons Classic Merino vs. Lion Brand Wool (the new stuff) in order to rework one of my existing designs. I'll show you that! I'll be asking for opinions. I wanted to show the colors today, but blogger decided, "No more pics for you!" Image Nazi! Pfff.

Have a great day, wherever you are!

Monday, November 20, 2006

We Are One, Part 2

Yes, I'm back with another post on the same day! Why? Because Figheadh got a wonderful blog birthday present in the mail today. How fortuitous!
I got my Winter/Holiday issue of Cast On today!

Guess what's inside! Well, let's look at the Table of Contents...

Number 46...let's go have a look!

There's Aidan! And they put him on a purdy girl!
It was designed as a men's sweater, but it's really unisex.

I have to tell you--TKGA was wonderful to work with, from start to finish. The pattern appears in the magazine virtually just the way I wrote it. They also accepted a cabled glove design, but it did not make this issue. I'll let you know if it ever turns up.

Here's Aidan in his humble, unblocked state...

...and then blocked.

He was super fun to make. I'm proud of you, Aidan!

(Edited to add) If you aren't a TKGA member and do not get Cast On Magazine, click here to see shops that carry it.

Happy Knitting, Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

A Whole Year?

Today is figknits' one year birthday! And to celebrate this event, I give you the shortest post in its history! Gotta go to work, but I have new patterns up on the site that I want to introduce. I'll be back later to tell you about a baby set and three new men's sweater designs! Yea!

Have a great Monday all! Turkey soon!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hey! Go and have a look at the Cast On Winter/Holiday preview ! We are #46--not the bag, but the sweater. The Aran hoodie? Yeah, that's Figheadh, right there in Cast On Magazine! Woohoo!

Pardon my excitement, but this is my first "published elsewhere" design. Also, pardon me for sending you to the preview page to get a glimpse, but I haven't gotten my copy in the mail yet. Any day now, we hope, and then I can show you more!

Hoist a pint for Figheadh!


Saturday, November 04, 2006


My little baby Aran design, Ciaran, needed a new sample. The ones I had done already were in dark yarns--not the best for showing the texture. What's better for an Aran than beautiful ivory-colored wool?
I wish I had a
baby kilt to pose it with. I oughta design some baby kilt hose to go with it.

This Ciaran sample is knit with Cascade 220, color #8010 on size 8 needles. The same cables appear on the back.

It gets packed off to
Knot Another Hat ASAP.

And if you think that looks a little Christmassy, get a load
of this.
That's Ciaran on top of Raibeart on top of Sherrod. These guys have been my focus for the past couple of months. I had to redo Raibeart's sleeves--they were still a little snug for my liking. Otherwise he would have already been packed off to Preston. (Jessica, you'd better tell me if he hates red.) Raibeart was worked in Cascade 220 Superwash.

I'll show you much more of Sherrod (the green guy--Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in color #126, Highland.) when he's gone through more edits and I am ready to fully release him. It was kinda tricky to get the numbers right. The cables all correspond row-wise, but with the multiple being different for front than for back and sleeves, it was a task to make them come out perfectly. Sherrod is a Guernsey-Aran hybrid with big cables and underarm gussets and shoulder straps, or the perpendicular join at the shoulders, as Priscilla Gibson-Roberts calls it. You start at the hem, have a cabling party, and when you bind off the sleeves, you're basically done--especially if you join yarn ends as you go. Only a couple of ends to weave in and absolutely no seams. That's the way I like it.

The rain is coming down like mad and I'm going back to the knitting and movies! Have a good one!