Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Sale!


I just bound off the shawl collar on the test model of a new cabled cardigan pattern to be released in the Figheadh line this fall. I'm feeling generous!

It's also my birthday tomorrow, so as a party favor I want you to have a discount on my patterns all weekend. My only request is that you use the newsletter signup form just to the right and down a little over there and sign up. You can't miss it. See the one with the unusually large type? Yeah, I didn't fix it before I copy/pasted and maybe that's good!?!

I already sent the e-mail with the code, so I'll give it to you tomorrow. 

I gotta go finish watering the garden and then I'm off for a walk...and then more knitting. Of course.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crochet Class

This just in!

The Fibers, Etc. newsletter just popped up in my mailbox and look!

Better sign up!

This is here in Tacoma, so if you are in the vicinity, come on down! Or over, or up...just get there! 

See you soon....

Friday, June 06, 2014

Bare Naked Wools

Last November I was contacted by the nice folks at Bare Naked Wools, who wanted to know if I would like to try their yarn. I was intrigued, so I did my research. That's when I found out that they only source US fiber and that they don't dye it. 

Well, that's my favorite! 
I was in...way in. I gave them my wish list and they sent it all: four lovely skeins of different weights and fiber blends.

Very soon after receiving the squishy skeins, I caked them all up and started swatching.
The easiest plan was to make up a couple of hats from designs I had been ruminating upon. I'll tell you more about those later in the summer, but for now let  me tell you what happened when I swatched the Breakfast Blend DK in Bakery Rye. 
Cabled Cardigan Dream Sweater Idea!

I humbly wrote back to BNW and requested that we enter into a partnership with this project.
Guess what! They agreed! 

Shortly afterward, I received this beautiful stack of yarn to make the Dream Sweater.

Thus far I have swatched the cables, made the sketches, crunched the numbers, and tried out a start of the cardigan with a comparable yarn. I want my mistakes to happen NOT with this gorgeous yarn. Just a little more tinkering and I will be able to start the real, actual sweater. And then you may not hear from me so much. 

I know! I'm supposed to be running a kind of Junebug Days and taking jaunts. 
I'll try to get some of that in, too.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Beginner Crochet Class

This just in from Fibers, Etc. here in Tacoma:

And all the class info:

If you are in the Tacoma area, I would love to have you join us for an evening of crochet. 
We'll cover all the basics and even try a couple of motifs, especially the ever-popular
Granny Square!

Just call the shop to sign up. I hope to see you there!

Monday, June 02, 2014

MEN Fair, Puyallup Fairgrounds

We are very fortunate to have the Mother Earth News Fair come to our area, because they only have these in three or four towns in the country each year. If you are not familiar with Mother Earth News, have a look at their site and acquaint yourself. Very pertinent!

Fred ordered tickets a few months ahead, because after going last year (when I had my contest debacle), we decided to go every year. We set out this past weekend for the Puyallup Fairgrounds and once inside the gates, we pretty much made a beeline for the poultry house. Here are just some of the inhabitants.
French Mondain, Best of Breed
Mediterranean Leghorn--love the colors!
And in the game section, a Silver Phoenix
From there, we ambled on to the sheep and goat building, and got a nice pose from this one having lunch
And a lackadaisical pose from this momma with her two curlytops.
The same kind was received from this pair in the llama building, whose owner says they were pretty done with this.
And these...these wonderful llama feet!
Back at the sheep building, I got a closeup of some fleeces.

I am not a spinner, but I love some beautiful fleece. 
And here are the goodies we amassed. We finally grabbed some books we've been wanting because of the 25% off in the big book store, bought some Romney yarn from Blackberry Patch Farms run by Randal and Elaine Thompson, who were so nice to talk to, and nabbed some Bob's Red Mill swag and free edible flower seeds and free net produce bags. Thankfully we managed to make it past the scone truck, the sausage truck, the kettle corn wagon, the gyro truck, the crepe stand (?) and the ice cream truck, and only got a huge cup of lemonade each. We didn't partake of any of the many demos and speakers, but we could have. The admission includes access to all of this and more. 

If you are ever near a Mother Earth News Fair, make it a point of going. It's so worth it!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Junebug Days...Light

It's June!
I can hardly believe it. June already. This year is flying by, despite my goal for slowing down. Slowing down apparently makes life pass not at all less quickly. What it does, though, is to help me notice more of what's important.

That's why this year's Junebug Days will be much more calm. 
I'm thinking field trips!

You see, the nature of my work includes a little too much solitude and staying in. While I am, by nature, a homebody, a domestic, I know it's also good for me to take breaks and take journeys. It's good to shake it up and see new sights and try new things and meet new friends.

All that said, I will start first by sharing our recent journey to Puyallup for the Mother Earth News Fair. I'll have some fibery beauty to show you, among other things. There will be reports of other ventures throughout the month, and just past the middle of the month, I'll have some other types of fun to report.

Because I am hard at work on something secret, I'll have less of that to show--just little hints--but I will share these jaunts I take. Who knows, I might introduce you to something you will want to try for an excursion of your own. I hope so!

I'll be back soon for my first report.
Happy June!