Tuesday, February 02, 2010

27 & Counting

Hey! I'm back. Keeping it up for two days now. There's promise in that.
Let's go over that previous to do list and see how I did. Oil change moved to Friday, box to Sis packed but in need of paperwork, both designs indeed worked upon (finished second piece and started third piece of the three-piece crochet set and up a toe and two reps on the new sock design which is mostly figured out), got the call out to my testing pool (okay I confess to getting that one done early this morning), but did not get to the tax lady's nor did I put the last tweak on the last spring Figheadh pattern. I think it's pretty good, though, considering I was a zombie yesterday from losing sleep to the hot-flash demon. (How did this happen--me 52?) Poor Fred, having to put up with my alternately tossing, throwing the covers off, huddling up for warmth, then giving it up and just getting out of bed many a night. Sheesh.

What I really need to tell you about is my daughter Emily's visit last week which can best be summed up with a couple of pictures.

Here's Em enjoying an Italian soda at Grassi's Garden Cafe in downtown Tacoma. She also had a yummy Cobb salad and I had a luscious Waldorf chicken salad sandwich on raisin bread. You should try this place next time you need a nice, girly lunch date. We were just getting ready to go browse around Antique Row where we hit several great places, including Glenna's, Sanford & Son, Orange (where the owner is so nice and there's so much cute stuff and they even have a knitting group meeting Feb 11!), and finally finding Fibers, Etc. open and meeting the owner and snagging some 100% llama yarn. I told Emily she was my lucky charm that day.
...or should I say charmS, because my Emily is no longer one but three, because she has two inside! Yep, my oldest is expecting twins. At her last doctor visit they found the babies standing straight up with their heads together, probably talking out their strategy. So strange.

This picture taken at the Seattle airport the day of Emily's return home to Randall says it all. See the devilish look on Momma Em's face? See the look of bemused incredulity on little sis Natalie's face? See Fred waiting patiently in the background while we perform our hi jinks. Yep, pretty much sums up the week.
Today is shipping day and pattern tweaking day and check printing day and lady doctor visit day (not a moment too soon!) And every day is knitting and crocheting day. Thank goodness for that.


Emily said...

It was a lovely visit! I am so loving the everyday blogging!

La Rue said...

Keep it up girl, you can do it!!!

fig said...

Thanks, guys!