Sunday, February 28, 2010


I can't believe we're down to the last day of the yarn giveaway. And thank goodness you got a little more chatty and clicky--enough for two more winners!
Betsy wins the Manos and Lou wins the Claudia! Yea! I'll bring both of you your sweeties next Saturday at the party.
What party, you say? Why the launch party we're having at The Yarn Stash in Burien. If you think you'd like to join us, give Bonnie and Beth a call or an e-mail. We're trying to get a head count.

Now for my last gift, here is one of the best of the bunch. If you've never tried Schaefer's Miss Priss, then you're in for a super treat. This yarn is fat and soft. The pullover I made with it is soft enough to wear right next to the skin--no scratching. This skein is the Georgia O'Keefe colorway--rosey beige and soft blue and green. Who wants to give it a try? Be careful. Once you try it you'll have to have more!
For the last time (of this giveaway, that is) check out the rules and claim this yarn! And just a reminder that I still have day 4's yarn left.
I also can't believe I've come to the end of 28 days of consecutive daily posts. When I first got the idea, Fred said, "Will you be able to write something every day?" I knew I wouldn't be at a loss for words (not one of my weaknesses) but I didn't know how much I would enjoy it. It has definitely gotten me in the habit of posting more often. You won't even notice a change at first, because I will be back tomorrow to give you the links (woohoo!) and finally tell you what I've been aluding to all this month, and then I'll be back again Tuesday to start telling you all the other things going on that I've had to keep quiet about as well.
Yes, figgy friends, when it rains it pours. Many things to tell.
See you tomorrow!

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Trisha said...

Gorgeous yarn! This would be so pretty for mittens!