Friday, October 17, 2008

My Tam's in VK!


Go here to see not only a picture (at the smack dab bottom of the "Midas Touch" section) of my Cable Tam in the Holiday 2008 Vogue Knitting, but they also have videos now. It's so cool! You can see a model showing you each piece from all angles.

They spelled my name wrong, but I'm still super excited! Woohoo!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Abandoned

Meredith asked, "Have you abandoned your blog?" It would seem so, huh? But, no. No more than I've abandoned the laundry, the yardwork, the housecleaning--just little time to do anything these past couple of months except write patterns, knit samples, package up and ship patterns, spend a little time with my sweetie, and try to keep it all straight. Thank goodness Figheadh keeps me so busy--VERY glad about that, but it's hard to get around to everything.

I need to make it a part of the schedule. I will try to do better--I will!

First of all, I have to apologize for no crochet swatch-showing as I promised last post. I'll get to that soon. Also, so many things have happened since last post that if I tried to tell all of them, you'd get sick of reading and click away from me. So, I'll just pick up here and move on.

What I really want to tell you about first is the Iain updates. I love Iain. He has got to be my most favoritest Figheadh sweater. He's fun to knit and super fun to wear. Thankfully, lots of other folks like him as well, and started asking me to upsize him. Iain was originally a sweater for teenage guys, so I sized him accordingly. I should have known when I first wrote him up that some teenaged guys come in XL & XXL size--they don't stop at L. Gosh. (oh, by the way, that's Tyler in the pop-up I referred you to on our site. He's the lucky son of the fabulous Sonya.)

Well, now Iain goes up to 2X (finished chest 39 (43.5, 46.25, 51, 55)”. I put the whole range for Iain here because I just discovered that the wrong measurements are on the site--Argh! I'll get Fred to fix those tonight! (Thanks Sweetie!)

When I upsized, I also decided to downsize. I added two more sizes downward, as well. That gave the pattern 10 sizes, which I just did not want in one pattern--too many numbers, too many charts (because this pattern has separate charts for each size for the body, neck shaping, and hood). I split Iain in two and made Iain, Jr.! That's who you see big Iain hugging in the pic--the new little Iain. He comes in sizes 8-16 [chest sizes 30 (31.5, 33, 34.75, 35.5)”].

And here are both versions on Faith and her dad Keith. Thanks, you guys! You wear Iain very well! This pic is from our latest photo shoot on Owen Beach on Commencement Bay in Point Defiance Park here in Tacoma. The photo was captured by our own fantastic Jeff Hobson. A better photographer we could never find. We love ya!
Okay, time's up for this visit--see ya next time!
Happy Fall!