Wednesday, June 06, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Orange, of Course!

Whoops! This day almost got away from me. For some of you, it's already tomorrow!

Because it's Orange Week here, I will show you how a couple of my orange projects are coming along.
There's this bag, which looks like a tam at the moment...or a pie. Hey, it looks like a pie! I could stop right now and plop it over a pie dish and fool Fred. Look, Fred, we got pie! But I think I'll keep going...that is if the yarn holds out. 
This is Cascade Cotton Rich in #1457, Cheddar (Pie).

And there's this Wanda Nell, which I wish I could forsake all my other WIP's for. She is the most fun!
I am to the resting place between the two waist shaping sections and I love how it's turning out with this Hazel Knits in Sailor's Delight and Wool in the Woods (unnamed color, discontinued yarn). You may remember that I started this gal back over a year ago when we did our yarn pairings experiment

And the last WIP is a secret, because it's for a pattern in the works with Cephalopod Yarns Nautilace in Bubble Eye. As soon as I got this yarn, a scarf idea claimed my brain and would not let go until it was worked out. I mean that very day I had to make charts! 
Five chart versions later, I have a keeper.
Here's a little detail to tide you over.

Now, about  our contest--I know most of you are not fans of orange, so that may explain the low number of entries we have so far. Thank you to all who sent images of your orange creations. Are there any more of you out there? Don't let the week run out on you. Send 'em in!

I'll see you back here Friday (if not before) for an orangey recipe. Yum!


Kim Sonksen said...

OMG Wanda Nell looks absolutely amazing!!!!

Evelyn said...

Love, love, love! I think I need to get my hands on some Hazel Knits in Sailor's Delight ... just knitting with it would make me smile!

Tawnee Isner said...

I love the oranges you are using they are super pretty. All your projects look lovely

fig said...

Thank you, Kim, Evelyn, and Tawnee! All the colors are a little richer in person. The sunlight washed them out a little in these pics. Back to the knitting!

Pumpkin said...

I love, love, love the mystery swatch, so pretty! You definitely have some great oranges represented here.

fig said...

Thanks, Pumpkin!