Monday, June 18, 2012

Junebug Days: Fuchsia Week!

And now we arrive at the one color in my little quartet that I seem to have neglected.
Fuchsia, magenta, cerise, deep pink, even hot pink! 
Remember my big basket of teal yarn? This little bunch looks weak in comparison, and two of them are a mix of other colors added in. I'll also admit to having bought a couple of these skeins in the past few weeks to get ready for this little event. That essentially means I had only a tinch of this around.

Looking through my closet and around my house, I see no evidence of this color, unlike the others we have been and will be playing with this month.

I dunno! I guess I'm just not a pink person. However, I am looking forward to focusing on it more this week.

In my yard, though, there is glowing evidence of fuchsia in the form of these peonies. I couldn't take a picture of the bushes themselves because the color is so intense in the sunshine that it distorts the photograph!

We have one bush that was so crowded with blooms I had to relieve it of a few for a vase to grace our dining room table. I love these, and the love is intensified by not having them for very long. Peonies are such divas--they make you watch and watch their tight little balls on stems for weeks and just when you stop looking they explode with these over-generous baby-head-sized blossoms.

But I got off-track--the peonies mesmerized me!

We have a challenge here. Send me beautiful images of your creations in fuchsia before Friday midnight PST. The only restrictions are that is something you made (anything in the arts and crafts category), it has to be a good photograph, and it must feature fuchsia or any of its siblings predominantly.
That's it!

I hope to be hearing from you at jen(at)jenhagan(dot)com this week and please attach your image to the e-mail. If you include it in the text of the e-mail I can't get it into a folder and over to the fuchsia Flickr page quite so easily. Thanks! Let's have fun!


Judi said...

I have given you Liebster Award...I don't know if you've had it before, so don't feel you have to join in ...I just wanted to let people know what a great blog you have :o)

Pumpkin said...

I've never been much of a pink person either, but nothing good can come from excluding any one color. I'm excited to see how you might choose to explore this one in particular.

fig said...

Thanks Judi! That's so nice! And Pumpkin, it's a challenge but I came up with something. I can't wait for the food fun part. :-)