Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reluctant Teal FO

Quite a while ago I showed you progress of a crocheted shawl I was making with Sanguine Gryphon Mithril in a lovely color called Blue-Green Music. I had the most fun making it and had such high hopes for it, but my crochet design skills have got a way to go--lots to learn! The fabric is lovely, but the overall shape of the thing didn't quite live up to my expectations. The main thing is that it's too deep for its width. It won't be a pattern, but I do wear it. I just have to double it up on itself at the top so it's not so long--something you shouldn't have to do with a shawl.

However, in honor of Teal Week I thought I would be brave and show you.
I tried some contortions with my iPhone cam and the mirror.
Over the shoulder?

On top of my head? 
Boy, my hair is frizzy. And I used that supposedly great anti-frizz serum today. Hmph.

You get the idea. 

But guess what? Something came in the mail that just might give me another chance. It's sure inspiring enough!

It's a new skein of Mithril in Poynter's Andromeda from The Verdant Gryphon! Such a gorgeous teal--even better than the first one! I think I'll try this shawl again!

Pssst...send me your teal pictures before tomorrow midnight PST!


Pumpkin said...

So sorry to hear that this pattern didn't work out the way you planned. If it is any consultation, it is still very pretty, I love the stitch you used. The next pattern will be a great success, I'm sure of it!

Evelyn said...

I think your original teal shawl makes a lovely accent piece. Lucky you to get another gorgeous teal skein.

fig said...

Thanks Pumpkin and Evelyn! You give me courage! Evelyn, this is the first skein I've bought from Verdant Gryphon, and I recommend them highly. Good service--lovely yarn.