Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Food Fun: Detox Green Salad

Super Green!
notice yarn in background--of course!
Just put some romaine lettuce in a salad bowl, add some thinly sliced celery, some chopped cucumber, and avocado chunks. Mix lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and pour over. 
I loved this, but it is quite tart. If you are afraid it might be a little too acidic for you, add a little agave nectar or honey to the dressing and it will balance out.

Here's some other great green recipes:

I can personally attest to and recommend that pea soup recipe. I've made it more than once now and it is too completely delicious! Also, I think I've already raved to you about the kale salad. Might have even posted a pic of it. It is dear to my heart, yes. All of these are from my Pinterest pinboard "yums" and "healthy," where I also have some green smoothie recipes posted. Those are always good.

So make yourself something green to eat (or sip) today!

Have you been crafting with green? Well, show me some. Yes, show me some green!

Today is the last day to send me photos of your lime green (think bright, people!) creations to jen(at)jenhagan(dot)com.

Will you win the goodies?


Diana said...

Thanks so much for including my recipe in your blog post! :)

fig said...

You're so welcome, Diana! It's a perfect green recipe, in every way! When I make some myself, I'll post about it again. :-)

IntrepidOtter said...

Going to make that salad tonight! I need a post-vacation detox :)