Saturday, June 02, 2012

Crafting Color

Welcome back and happy Saturday to you!
First, I'd like to send out a happy birthday to my good cuz, Vicki--one of my favorite junebugs!

Now, a little apology, kind of...
I know some of you were not fond of having a bug shoved in your face yesterday, and while it's not exactly what you're used to seeing here, it does prove that color can be found in the most unlikely places, like in things we don't normally seek out.

Well, this month I want you to try an exercise that involves actively seeking out and using certain colors. I first got this idea while participating in eskimimi's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week in April. I especially loved the day when we had to face our color preferences. It was a real eye-opener for me. I had other ideas for Junebug Days, of course, but this one trumped them all. I hope this month will open our minds and eyes about how we use color in our crafting and in our art.

It didn't take me long to choose the four colors we'll focus on this month, and I've been thinking about it over the past couple of weeks while gathering materials. A couple of these colors are ones that I have always favored, but a couple of them are going to be a challenge even for me. I have to admit that the choices were also influenced by the resurgence of neon colors
(like we thought we'd seen enough of in the 80's!) 
Could it be that we're all trying to pump ourselves up a little? That we're all wanting some happy injected here and there?

How's this for happy?

So with some help from Lily Sugar 'n Cream...

...and from DMC

...paint chips from Behr...
...and from Glidden...

...inspiration from Crayola...

...and finally, from MadelineTosh and Cascade...we can be on our way!
I know from studying Margaret Radcliffe's The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques,
in which she teaches a thing or two about color combos (see page 15) 
...that this is not a sound combo. It's not a triad, nor a tetrad, nor even a hexad. 
It's a wonky trapezoid!

But we won't let that deter us, will we? No! On with the party!

Here's the Timeline:
Week One is Orange (June 4)
Week Two is Teal (June 11)
Week Three is Fuchsia/Magenta (June 18)
Week Four is Lime Green (June 25)

1. Entries must be original work and original photos.
Look in your crafty projects and find examples of these colors. They may be any shade, but the brighter the better! Please send only clear, good quality photos. 
I can't judge your work if I can't see it!

2. One entry per color, please.
Choose only the best! The color of the week does not need to be the only color in your image, just the dominant one. And please don't send green photos on fuchsia week, etc. I need to focus!

3. Entries may be from any craft--it doesn't have to involve yarn. 
Beading, paper crafts, painting, cooking, gardening, etc. Variety is great!

4. Send your image to me attached to an email to jen(at)jenhagan(dot)com. 
Include in the message that you are participating in Junebug Days and at least give me your first name or blog ID so that I may credit you. I have sets already going at Flickr where I will post the best photos. If you do not want your photo posted there and credit given to you, then do not send images. Let's populate these sets with blasts of color!
(P.S. Bloggers, if you do a whole post about the color of the week, let me know and I will go and grab an image, with your permission, of course.)

5. Each contest goes live on Monday and closes on Friday at midnight. We will announce the winner of each week on Saturday. 
The winner will receive a box of goodies, so be prepared to give your mailing info so I may send them to you!

Now let's have fun! See you on Monday for some orange love!


Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

What if you have one project that you just finished that has ALL of the colors in it... lol.

fig said...

That sounds marvelous! Just pick which week you want to enter it into. Try to determine which one's most prominent? Maybe?

Nicole said...

Love the colors! I actually just bought new t-shirts in three of those shades - lime, hot pink, and aqua! Perhaps I should invest in an orange one as well. :o)

Alexandra said...

This sounds like so much fun! :D I love the colors you chose!

fig said...

You're on my wavelength, Nicole! Thanks, Alexandra!

Nana Go-Go said...

Hello - is it too late for latecomers?! If not, may I join in for next week? No probs if I can't. Great idea anyhoo.

fig said...

Orange entry closes at midnight tonight (Friday), and the next color starts Monday. Fire away!