Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Goodies #3

What's better than stretch pants? You know...links!

My friend Kassandra has started a blog for yarn shop reviews. Go and add a review of your favorite shop.

I've had this one on my favorites for a while, but just discovered the great how-to videos at Knitting Help. Knitting at Knoon has some, too.

If you love vintage knitting like I do, go to Yesterknits. It's just fun to look at the images and buy some patterns!

Wouldn't you love a whole Aran dress like this? It's almost as good as the Aran wedding dress.

Speaking of vintage, look at what I found when Fred & I went antiquing last week.

Love it! The hat book is especially keen. I'll show more later.

(Pardon the shadow of my big ol' head!)

While I'm adding random images, I promised to show more Girl Scout badges, for anyone who's interested. (I never did hear back from Norway Needles, although I was willing to send her a couple--if anyone knows her, tell her I'm not dangerous--well, most of the time!)

To finish up, I give you one more link to make you giggle. Go to stuff on my cat. Now, I have only directed you to the category "clothes on my cat." Some of the other images disturb me. I feel almost sure that these folks aren't compromising their kitties, but a "whole shelf of books on my cat???" This reminds me of the books we used to have when my girls were little. The characters were real cats all dressed up. Hilarious. I love kitties, I do! And they look so cute dressed up! You should not, however, dress up your cat if he/she has an objection. They really are not here just to satisfy our entertainment needs. But you gotta love this:

Have a great Monday, everyone!

(thanks to Agnes for the picture!)

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