Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Curse of the Girlfriend...Scarf?

The title refers to a conversation with a student Friday on a sub job for a drama/English teacher. I was working on Mavis (which is done!) and when he came into class, he said, "I can do that." (I love to knit while subbing--it's a good conversation starter. Who'm I kidding? I love to knit ALL THE TIME.) He told me that his aunt had taught him and that he had started a scarf for his girlfriend, but then they broke up. I told him about the curse of the boyfriend sweater and that he'd probably better rip that scarf out and start over. Like many new knitters, he said he had forgotten how to cast on. I really gotta start taking extra supplies with me for times like

We keep getting snow predictions too far out into the future for them to actually materialize. The only white stuff we've had lately is this. What are these--snowflakes on steroids? One day when Fred and I were out for our morning walk, big clumps started dropping. Not sleet, nor hail, but this.

Someone please enlighten me.

On the home front, we've got house guests coming next weekend--my oldest daughter and her husband! Yea! It's okay that we have no snow, Emily & Randall. We'll take you to Mount Rainier, where we WILL see snow anyway, so it doesn't matter. We also plan to give them a lovely ferry ride to San Juan Island, do the usual "tour of our favorite Seattle spots," and hit all the best of Tacoma--maybe jump over to the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor one afternoon. We have corned beef & cabbage (and oat bread??) planned for St. Patty's, not to mention hoisting a pint. The week will not be long enough. I can't wait!!!

March is just loaded. The visit with Em & Ran, Figheadh has her one-year birthday coming up, and my middle daughter is due to deliver our second grandson! Also, Fred changed jobs and is a happy guy. Too much goodness!

Knitting-wise, I have only the closing of the toe on my Cherry Tree Hill socks, gotta finish up a scarf, I started my Master Knitter Level 1 swatches, and am getting designs ready to send to mags. We plan to release a few new patterns very soon--I'll be presenting them here this week.

I leave you with a shot of our lovely crocuses. Daffodils are blooming as well, and the tulips are poking through. The earth is sprouting with color around here!

'S math a bhith beo!
It is good to be alive!

Beannachd leat!

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twig said...

Sounds like life is going great in Figland!

Those are some big flakes. If they get much larger it will be snowing snowballs instead of snow flakes.