Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mixed Update

Finally--since my last post we found out that Declan O'Neal Jones, our second grandson, finally came out of hiding in Mommyworld and emerged, weighing 9 lbs. He had a little trouble with the cord trying to strangle him, then fluid in his lungs, then low temp, but he's just fine now. Mommy is, too, except she's struggling with second child guilt. I warned her about that one--it makes you feel split in half. When the third one comes, though, you're completely over that and just trying to keep up with everybody!
Anyway, I finished Declan's blankie, and I am going to sew on a flannel backing to make it sturdy and functional. Here's a peek. I'm going to wrestle this into a pattern--it's got kinks. For now, it's just for Declan. I put some little socks with it that I knit for his big brother, Preston, who outgrew them before I finished.

No pics of the little guy yet. Things like that are slow coming from my second daughter! That's not even a hint for her, either--she doesn't read the blog.
I also am working on another pair of McGuinness Branch Socks. I changed the rib to more coordinate with the main lace pattern. Doesn't the pattern show up so much better in a solid color? This is Dalegarn Baby Ull. I like it for socks! Very stretchy.
This week has been design seclusion time. I am working on six sweaters--especially two cable cardigans for the site--four sock patterns, two scarf ones, & a pair of fingerless mitts.

I've got all the numbers worked out and the two site sweaters & three of the socks on the needles, so you know what I gotta do!

Yep--fighe! Knit, of course. (Oh, and I almost forgot--I finally learned toe-up socks with the figure eight CO. Love it!)

Happy Knitting everyone!

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Agnes said...

Congratulations on the new baby!
Your sock is looking really good ... I have to check that pattern too.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.