Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Gussets & Fourchettes!

Glove terminology sounds like profanity...
"Those gloves are fourchette, you son of a gusset maker! "

Here's our Lombard Street Gloves. The cable is one of my favorites--it's twisty, for sure! Just like good old Lombard Street in San Fran.

As soon as I learned to make gloves, I wanted to put a cable on some, and it had to be this one.
These are Fred's pair and they are made with Stahl sche Wolle Socka, color #311 on size 2 circs up to the fingers, and dpn from there.

Of course, here are the much-crowed ones in the beloved Frog Tree Alpaca. I love them.

That's the last of our spring release. More coming, especially toward the end of summer. As of now we have a baby layette set, a scarf & hat set, and four sweaters testing for fall release.

Guess what else! We have the Sock of the Month at Frog Pond Knits in Citrus Heights, CA! It's our Cable & Lace Socks from last year. Here's a pic of the owner's test sock. Thanks Violet!!!

Have a great weekend, all you knittin' fools!


twig said...

What lovely gloves! Knitting gloves is on my list of things to do, but since I can't wear them (I have to wear mittens or my hands freeze) they keep getting pushed down the list and I'm a selfish knitter. *laugh*

Amie said...

The gloves are fabulous! said...

I'm laughing at the fourchette and gusset joke: you're absolutely right! I'm going to say it to somebody with no knowledge of knitting: "you fourchette, son of a gusset, you!" just to get their reaction.

Those cabled glovesa are beautiful!