Saturday, March 18, 2006

And More Socks!

Emily & Randall are on their way back home, and I finished the socks just in the nick of time. Here's a picture of the both of them posing in them this morning...late this morning, around 10:30. We left for the airport less than an hour after that. Yeah, I cut it close! Thank goodness the Kitchener stitch was kind to me today.

Also, Emily crocheted herself a quickie scarf in less than 8 hours! Yesterday, we went to a craft store really nearby and she got a couple of skeins of Lion Suede and a J-10 hook and made this lovely big net scarf. She used just over a skein. It's about 80" long! When she wraps it around her neck, it still hangs past her knees--just what she wanted. I gave her a very short refresher course and she was off & hooking away.

We had an awesome visit with these folks. They are the perfect houseguests, and so much fun. We're already planning the next visit!

Now I must get busy on Declan's blankie--still no word. That little bugger is hanging on tight.

Happy Saturday!

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Amie said...

Those look like some happy and lucky feet!