Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Will the real Vernal Equinox please stand up? One of our calendars says yesterday and the other says today. Well, whenever Spring arrived, I say yippee! It's certainly looking like spring around here--lots of flowers and a lot of actual sunshine. Sunday, Fred & I took a big old walk to enjoy it. I was very sore afterwards from all the hibernative lack of activity over the past three months. Gotta get in shape for the hikes!

Before Emily & Randall got here, we cleaned a bit, and one thing that had to be tackled was my yarn/fun/dressing room. It was horrendous. Here are some after shots. Now I might actually spend some time here, maybe, kinda, probably not.

Above the windows you see two Trellis Lace window toppers I knit. Then there's my trusty old drawing table where I no longer have much time to do paper crafts and beading. But it's there waiting if I ever do!

From this angle you can see my "blue corner" where I made myself an inviting place to sit and work on knitting projects, but I still seem to gravitate toward the living room. At least I moved all but a couple of projects up here, so that there aren't a gazillion baskets and bags sitting in the main living space. Clutter is stressful!

And best of all, here is some of the yarn. This is almost all wool. I have visited my cotton stash, but not dragged it out into view yet. Must finish up some cold weather projects first. If I get tempted with the cotton, I'll never get done.

Most will recognize Cascade labels hanging out over on the top left, then under that there is a whole bin of assorted Patons Classic Merino. The bins beside hold Katia "Scotch" I got on a crazy sale, some Auracania, and below, a bunch of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed. Next door to those, on bottom, my beloved Eco Wool stash, and above, a whole ton of Cascade Sierra in steel grey, some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, and a big batch of DaleGarn Baby Ull. All of these yarn batches are earmarked for sweater & bag designs. The stack of drawer bins hold Cascade 220 & Pastaza partial skeins, an assortment of wools for small projects to come, a big bunch of lovely purple Cascade Pastaza for a big ladies Aran cardigan I can't wait to get to (it's like having a huge box of Godiva chocolates hiding in your cupboard, but better!), and, gosh, I forget what else. Gotta visit my stash again! Of course, the baskets and baskets of little projects, one of which holds the TKGA Master Knitter Level One stuff, waiting for me. Must visit that a lot!

In the closet next to Hilda up there (the headless torso) are two bins of cotton yarns. That's not an embarrassingly large stash. It's all pretty much assigned to certain projects in the works and I haven't bought any yarn to speak of in months, if you don't count sock yarn. Oh, yeah, there's a stack of hat boxes next to that dresser in the second picture, two of which hold sock yarn. I think that's all.

Thanks for visiting my yarn with me, even if I didn't really show you the yarn in its gorgeously specific beauty. Maybe next time!

Reothart Sona Dhut!
(I hope I said Happy Spring!)

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twig said...

What a great stash! Mine pales in comparison. Wanna trade stashes?