Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mavis & Hilda

Here's good old Headless Hilda wearing the recently completed Mavis Scarf. I love the Hilda! I found her at an antique store for only $38. Vintage mannequins of any kind are almost impossible to get hold of. This one is the real McCoy--detachable arms and spinning hands! She's just a torso with a ringhead, but she's mine.

Mavis came about when I wanted to do a little lace scarf and see what it would do with four different yarn weights. I tried it out with this Cashmereno from KFI in the champagney color. The yarn was a joy to work with, and it is so soft.
It blocked well, too, as you can see. It was a little slippery on my Addi Turbo 16" circular, but I enjoyed it. (I should shut up about this yarn, though. Apparently it's discontinued--not on the KFI site..hmmm.) The lace pattern is Fishtail Lace from Harmony Guide Vol 2.

I also wanted to design a small project for using some of these luxury yarns that I would feel too guilty buying more than a couple of skeins of, like Muench "Touch Me." Here is Mavis #2 with that yarn. Too much fun. It's a rather bulky yarn and gives Mavis a whole different look and feel.

For the worsted weight, I used some Cascade Sierra so that it could be a spring/summer scarf. Sierra is 80% cotton & 20% wool.

Here they all are together in various stages. The Mavis on the far left is with Frog Tree Alpaca I had left from making the gloves I will share on another post. The Frog Tree is a lace weight.
Mavis is a delightful, dainty little project. The pattern is up for sale on the site, and I will be showing pics of the other Mavises as I finish them. (There's a funny on the name, but I won't go into that now--it's a joke on Nana, Mom!)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your knitting is being very kind to you today!


(Update--It's snowing! Maybe I'll get some good pictures!)

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