Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm still here...

I thought I'd better check in. Feeling kinda disconnected this week. After the visit with Em & Ran, I had to jump back onto some subbing this past week, so it's been sort of routine, routine.

I tried to get a crochet pattern ready for submission for a book coming up, but had to chunk it. Not enough time. I really wish these publishers would give a designer more than three weeks' warning if they want designs. I've had this design for a crocheted bag in the works since last summer, but it just had not reached the stage I needed, even after a couple of full days' attention. That is just fine--it will wait for another opportunity.

I have been giving Declan's blanket top priority, because the little dude's gotta come any day. Nope, still no Declan--at least not as a separate entity. I know Jessica's ready to be just one person by now!

I am also working on another pair of McGuinness Branch and am using Baby Ull. I really like it! The socks are coming out very stretchy and have a lovely fabric. It certainly shows the stitch pattern better than the Cherry Tree Hill. They are a frog green--I'll show when I get the first one done.

Instead of knitting pics, I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures from the visit week. Here's a recap of the highlights. After we picked Emily & Randall up from Seatac, we ushered them back to Tacoma and we all got lunch at Meconi's--one of our favorite pubs here. On Sunday, we had a lovely Eggs Benedict breakfast and then we went antiquing down on Antique Row after lattes at Tully's.

On Monday, we did the Seattle day. First, Pike Place Market, which wasn't crowded, making it more fun to look at all the cool stuff, and eat some cool stuff! The first thing Emily and I pounced on was some authentic, fresh Turkish Delight. Yum! Like eating roses. Then we found some hazelnut scones and broccoli-and-cheese-stuffed croissants. Oh, my! I can't even tell you all the pretties and yummies we saw. Then we just drove around town and showed them the sights--Capitol Hill, Fremont (the Troll), Volunteer Park (where Fred took this picture--yes, it was a pretty day.) See the needle?

Then we went on to Queen Ann to feast at our very favorite pub, Hilltop Ale House. Great food--great beer. Emily and I had fish tacos and the guys had hamburgers and steak sandwiches. Afterward, we always hit Cafe Ladro for coffee--some for now and some for later (beans to grind at home, baby). Emily and I also got a big slice of their berry pie. They have the biggest pies I've ever seen! I should have taken a picture of that!

The next day we took a stay-at-home movie day. Some of us were feeling less than our best. That was fun--we ordered pizza & everything. On Wednesday, we struck out for Mt. Rainier, rain and all. We got as far as this lookout point, which is past Longmire, but not nearly up to Paradise. The snow was just getting too cloudy and visibility was low.
We turned around and stopped by the Copper Creek Restaurant not far from the park entrance. Affectionately called the "Stupid Pie Restaurant" (by us, only by us), they do make some good blackberry pie a la mode.

Thursday was museum day, because Tacoma's got some great museums! We did the glass museum first--saw a guy make a little glass horse in the auditorium, a school field trip group making a dress embellished with all kinds of beads, sequins & stuff, a huge buffet piece made entirely of clear glass, an exhibit devoted to fashion (bodyless glamourous garments made of shadowy glass), a couple of "musical" exhibits (my favorites) involving glass, lots of other amazing glass vessels/sculptures, and always the fun gift shop. Fred spent quite a bit of time looking at a huge, wonderful book of Diane Arbus's work. I must find him a copy of it that doesn't cost $100. (Can we say Half Price Books?) Then we strolled across the beautiful bridge that connects the glass museum with Pacific Avenue. Really great Chihuly pieces in the bridge itself. It's fantasyland, actually.

We walked from there up to the Tacoma Art Museum, where, lo and behold, it was Free Third Thursday. Hurray! They have the Great American Thing exhibit going on right now and it was so good to see. What a mix. After all the culture, we went to the Spar for beer and a couple of hummus plates, because they make the best hummus I've ever had. Then we went by the market for some fresh halibut for dinner, which we all enjoyed by candlelight and good conversation. We built a fire, enjoyed some brandy, and crashed.

St. Patrick's Day came and we toasted it at another of our favorite T-town pubs, The Engine House, which really is an old fire house. They've got the old fire hose nozzles and safety nets to prove it. Emily and I had some more fish tacos and the guys did some more various forms of beef, and we did the Guinness. Strangely enough, we then spent the rest of the evening doing a King of the Hill marathon while Emily crocheted and I knit. "Yup."

The next day we took them back to Seatac and they flew home. We miss you guys! We'll see you in two months, though, when we all get to see Natalie get her degree at old Ugga.

AND Happy Birthday today, Randall! Have a good one, buddy!

Okay, I'd better get busy. Catch a walk, clean up this place a little, and finish the blanket. I'll show a peek when it's done.

Have a good weekend!

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